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My Hero Academia One Shots by nebulaictimes
My Hero Academia One Shotsby nebulaictimes
A collection of one shots of my favorite boys from My Hero Academia :-) *these are all fem!reader because they were originally written with fem OCs of mine so I'm very...
Princess of Peace [BNHA] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Princess of Peace [BNHA]by Ash/Cinna
I felt all the color drain from my face and dropped back onto the bed not sure I could stand. "You mean-...I'm a-... father?" It sounded like Ayumi was strugg...
Secrets (Bnha - Todoroki x OC) by TheDarkPhoenix077
Secrets (Bnha - Todoroki x OC)by TheDarkPhoenix077
(BTW I am making my OC extremely OP and I don't care) Hello. My name is Lily. I have a pretty simple life. I am 14. I enjoy kittens, bunnies, long walks on the beach, br...
Unfinished bond ( Enji x Toshinori)  by Unitylegend
Unfinished bond ( Enji x Unitylegend
( COMPLETED STORY) Both symbol of peace and new no.1 hero were hit with something that others couldn't explain. They had turned into their younger selves , not remember...
Your Eyes (All Might X OC) by Bad_Android88
Your Eyes (All Might X OC)by McKenzie Blackwood
Arabelle and Toshinori's relationship was never the same once he got accepted into U.A. Reunited years later when they both start working at U.A, they realize their fri...
Time in a Tree (All Might x Reader) by smolestkohai
Time in a Tree (All Might x Reader)by smolestkohai
we've all got secrets. prime all might - welcome to the slowest of slow burns art credit to the amazing trevoshere
Tamaki X Female OC  by RiaRodriguez99
Tamaki X Female OC by Ria Rodriguez
There's a new student at U.A. who goes by the name, Serpento. Everyone's first impression of her is unknowing. The first thing they noticed, was the muzzle. This myster...
Boku no hero academia one shots by gingercookie34
Boku no hero academia one shotsby gingercookie34
The title says it all. Read and enjoy! Request are welcome.
Tangled Lives (S. Todoroki) **Coming Soon** by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Tangled Lives (S. Todoroki) ** Lone-wolf-fanfics
Rinoa Yagi, daughter of Thor and Yuna Yagi, forges her own path to becoming a pro-hero by attending UA College alongside other potential heroes. But it turns out that be...
[ON HIATUS] ❝When people say they want to be alone, do they really mean it?❞ ⌇˚.༄ ⠀ When the only princess of the king and queen of a mythical land above earth's satelli...
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [Constant Uploads] by mrrobot1933
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [ kalin__dover
What if Deku was trained by GranTorino and learned about full cowling, during the 2 weeks before the sport Festival ? What will happen after that ? [ON GOING] I DON'T OW...
Electromagnetic Engagement by Stillwell03
Electromagnetic Engagementby Stillwell03
Izuku Shimura, the son of Nana Shimura is the holder of a rather powerful electricity quirk since childhood. Due to a prior incident, he is put in a quirk marriage with...
One in a Million BNHA Multiverse by LokiLavi
One in a Million BNHA Multiverseby Vaxie
Warning: Cringe and manga spoilers --------Season 1 Reaction-------- In a mist of boredom, Mariel(Now Robin) with her imaginary god like powers has brought not only the...
More Than Just a Student (All Might and Deku) by hiccuptoothless4ever
More Than Just a Student (All Priscilla
Deep down, Toshinori had seen Midoriya as more than just his student or his successor for One for All. To him, he had seen him like the son he never had or even wanted...
the advance hero by Nightfighter45
the advance heroby Nightfighter45
in a world filled with quirks a boy was born quirkless while his family had powerful quirks. the world turned on him neglected, bullied, outcast of society will he end i...
The Duelist Heroine by chu1luc
The Duelist Heroineby flufluv3421
Izumi Midoriya was quirkless. A life shattering fact that can ruin anyone's hopes of being a hero in a world of quirks. Hiding from Katsuki, Izumi stumbles across a old...
The Dekuverse! DISCONTINUED  by RikuEndo1
The Dekuverse! DISCONTINUED by Riku Endo
CHECK THE TAGS BEFORE READING So, hi, um.. When this story takes place everyone is already aware of the multiverse and that they were going to watch some them with Deku...
the son of all might by lawsoncharlie2005
the son of all mightby lawsoncharlie2005
you y/n yagi, are the son of the pro hero all might, you inherited his quirk from birth, with his power flowing through you, your body became stronger and stronger, your...
((DISCONTINUED)) Toshinori x Reader x Aizawa x Enji x Hizashi  by StupidWeebo
((DISCONTINUED)) Toshinori x StupidWeebo
Sorry guys, I'm just really not feeling this book at all. It's cringe and I hate the plot and how I wrote the first chapters, I might rewrite it or something but this ve...
Baseball, Baseball, he thinks he's gonna score     (Tenya Iida x Fem!Reader) by melach0ly
Baseball, Baseball, he thinks he' Sammie
After you had made it into UA, you dedicated yourself to making sure you were only the best version of yourself, now that your in such a prestigious school. Although, a...