Journey For Trust (...
By Xx_Akemi_xX
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Izuku Midoriya swore he'd become a hero to his mother. But, he was powerless in a super powered society. No hero agency in their right mind would even think a quirkless boy could be a hero- let alone believe in him. No one did. Not his classmates- who mocked and bullied him for simply being ordinary. Not even his own father- who blamed Izuku for his wife's death, and takes it out on the poor boy. But, even through the guilt of losing his mother, the constant discrimination, the starvation, the bullying, the never ending abuse, and the deadly self loathing, his passion for helping others just wouldn't die. He'd never let his promise to his mom remain unfulfilled. If the world would tell him he couldn't become a hero, then he'd prove them wrong by becoming his own hero- Deku. A vigilante. Izuku's heroic actions quickly made 'Deku' popular. The fact that he isn't a legal hero didn't stop him from saving countless lives, and capturing numerous villains. Heroes from all over Japan tried to catch the vigilante- not to arrest him, but to recruit him. Although, most heroes only wanted the fame and self promotion that came with catching the popular vigilante. Despite the fact that even top heroes tried to catch him, he always managed to somehow get away. --- All Might had his eyes on Deku, even before he became popular. He easily recognized selfless heroic actions from the boy, that seemed like non-existent qualities in any of the current pro heroes. He didn't just want to recruit him- he wanted Deku to be his successor. But, the teen always just barely managed to escape All Might's grip. Or would the temptation of finally having a friend lead Izuku straight into it? And what if the heroes weren't the only ones who thought he'd be a worthy successor? Cover Art is made by funney_bonezz on TikTok. My Hero Academia belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi. *Do not repost on other websites or accounts. *Do not translate without permission.

Chapter One: Unexpected Kindness

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Journey F...
by Xx_Akemi_xX