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CONNECTED | leonardo by bootyyyshaker9000
CONNECTED | leonardoby ☆
WEᒪCOME TO iCATCᕼER! where you will catch the apple of your eye! ▌incoming request ▌ @lameᴏweirdo (Hamato, Leonardo) ❝i was forced to do this p.s. my brothers messed...
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic)by I'm Hope, I'm 21, and adultho...
"I'll tell you all the stories you want." In New York, the buildings are quiet as the people of Manhattan sleep. By the glow of the moon, the silhouette of a g...
TMNT Monster Arc Remake by Oceanqueen22
TMNT Monster Arc Remakeby
Since we didn't get more of Mona Lisa in the season 5 I decide to put her in the monster arc. So we can see her face Raphael as a Vampire. Will she get the Raphael she...
TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenario by Hinako29
TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenarioby Hinako29
What if you have a teenage mutant ninja turtles as your boyfriend ?? How will it go ?? A TMNT2012XReader story and of course Boyfriend scenarios XD
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Reader by The2tailedfoxy
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Readerby the2tailedfoxy
You were a TMNT Geek. Your life was pretty good at your Boarding School, until the day Shredder came. Asking of a student with high grades from each subject to take with...
TMNT x Reader One-Shots by Harper_Lillie
TMNT x Reader One-Shotsby Harper Ray Lillie
[Requested Are Closed!] Just a bunch of One-Shots with your favourite turtles! (Let's be forreal, I'm probably gonna put April, Casey, Splinter, and maybe even some vil...
8YearsGone(DonatelloxReader) by The_Bubby
8YearsGone(DonatelloxReader)by LE_Bubby
When (y/n) was 7, her and her family lived in the amazing city of New York. However, after learning that (y/n) was leaving the house in the middle of the night with her...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by LunaDaughterOfAthena
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby LunA, A girl who breAths just...
Hi Luna here, ive seen a lot of these lately so i thought it would be good idea to make one. It is all about you meeting your favorite turtle, and perhaps more. * stroke...
MutantHunters: Tales of New York by makaylaLight435
MutantHunters: Tales of New Yorkby Makayla Light
Based on the Netflix show "TrollHunters: Tales of Arcadia" Casey is an teenager who lives a really hard life. Until one day one He finds an ancient Amulet on...
Bro fluff oneshots  by tmnt_melody
Bro fluff oneshots by ❤️Meli❤️
Only brotherly love. No tcest, readers, or oc's. Sorry I'm being picky XD. (On hold)
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by kagesyama
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby ♥︎ Amelia ♥︎
I rarely ever see TMNT stories revolving around the 2007 Turtles, so I'm here to show my favorite version of the Turtles some love! Since this is based off the 2007 TMNT...
Don't Let The Darkness Consume You by wafflesandmarvel
Don't Let The Darkness Consume Youby LucidDreams
Short Story Raph x Leo When Raphael makes a mistake on patrol one night will his family ever forgive him? Or more importantly, will he ever forgive himself? These charac...
Frostfall (Leonardo X Female Reader) by the_nerdy_artist
Frostfall (Leonardo X Female Ally the nerdy artist
President of the school counsellor, Y/N L/N, you, had a fantastic reputation in Roosevelt High. You were perfect in the eyes of your peers. Your parents mysteriously die...
The Plan | Donatello x Reader by sweaty-writer
The Plan | Donatello x Readerby ▂ ▄ ▅ zαняα ▅ ▄ ▂
"That-that-that wasn't part of the plan!!" -------------- Donnie is definitely a planner. And the plan (this time) was simple: Get t...
TMNT x reader one-shots by Raebecca127
TMNT x reader one-shotsby Becca Boman
One-shots and imagines about you and your favorite turtles! Disclaimer- I do not own TMNT or any of its characters! Started on (8/1/2018)
TMNT Imagines // Leonardo x Reader by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT Imagines // Leonardo x Readerby Nan
My collection of Leonardo x Reader imagines. A big book devoted to the leader in blue.
My Fearless Leader | Leonardo Romance Scenarios by TMNT_LeaderInBlue
My Fearless Leader | Leonardo TMNT_LeaderInBlue
"Don't be embarrassed. I like that you can't focus around me." "I am completely capable of focusing around you." I say and cross my arms, more than...
Beware of Broken Hearts (Donatello x Reader) by pepsi-coIa
Beware of Broken Hearts ( 𝐸𝑀
Your the former girlfriend of Casey Jones, Donatello os the former boyfriend of April O'Neil, what happens when you meet right after heart breack has set in. Will there...
From The Shadows || TMNT FanFiction (BOOK 1) by fannogomi
From The Shadows || TMNT HappyNinja
Carrie thought of her life as normal; at least, as normal as a teenage girl's life could be. She had friends, as many teenagers do and she went to school, as teenagers d...
TMNT Imagines // Raphael x Reader. by thatninjaturtlegirl
TMNT Imagines // Raphael x Nan
A collection of Raphael x Reader imagines! a big book devoted to our violent teddy bear.