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Icarus || Jegulus by Simply_just_a_simp
Icarus || Jegulusby ReggieStan
This story is incomplete and probably will stay that way (sorry) When Harry finds his father's old journals he discovers the love he had kept secret from everyone Thank...
Save Us (EDITING) by itsfcknagnes
Save Us (EDITING)by Agnes
She was an elf, an elvish princess driven by a sense of duty. When a letter arrived, she set off for Greenwood, and when a wizard spoke to her about an insane quest, whe...
Heart | JENLISA  by centerjnls
Heart | JENLISA by nna <3
Lisa is a heart patient waiting a transplant and she falls for her doctor, Jennie. (Spoiler; they fall for each other.) doctor!jennie patient!lisa ©️ story not mine, thi...
As Long As You Are Here(BL) by LAmerica06
As Long As You Are Here(BL)by LAmerica
Circumstances made them apart and also bring them together. When they thought they'll finally be able to live happily, they are separated again by fate. But fortunately...
The Galaxy is Endless (I thought we were, too) by LoveAj467
The Galaxy is Endless (I thought w...by Aj
The story was create by @Cosmogony on Achieve of Our Own (AO3) The cover is also made by me
|| Forget-Me-Not || {Seungjin} by MrLeeJisung
|| Forget-Me-Not || {Seungjin}by 𝖊𝖟𝖗𝖆
A bittersweet tale of two soulmates unfairly torn apart due to fate. How can someone cope with losing their other half until they meet again? A Seungjin (Hyunjin x Seu...
That Odd Clown (hisoka x female reader) by Yes_Hi_how_are_you
That Odd Clown (hisoka x female re...by Yes_I write ship stuff
Y/n was a interesting child, with cursed powers or Nen. But she (because this is a she/her story) met Hisoka, gon, killua and other people along the way
Fates Intertwined (Karmagisa) by Crystal_Nymph
Fates Intertwined (Karmagisa)by Crystal
"W-well, my name's Shiota Nagisa but you can call me by my first name as well." "That was bad of you, Karma-kun." "Ah thank you so much, Karma...
A Thousand Year [Jikook / Kookmin] by naeulshim
A Thousand Year [Jikook / Kookmin]by Im Naina
Once a bond of love was sealed, it will always stays there, no matter how many years it takes, they will be together once again. A story of unfinished love between two l...
Wish 1993 (Unedited) by HighInCoco
Wish 1993 (Unedited)by HighInCoco
AN: This is an experimental story. I am not writing this story as seriously as the others I have, so updates are slower and chapters are short. This is just for me to pu...
Leisure Living (Rengoku Kyojuro) by Kllemen_Tine
Leisure Living (Rengoku Kyojuro)by Klemen.Tine
"She has a storm in her eyes." Yuuma only wants to live a life equal to her name. A life of true leisure. Too bad the person who raised her was the former Thu...
A Memory That Lives Inside by Brother_Yu
A Memory That Lives Insideby 你老公 玉哥
Kakashi loves Obito, but Obito loves Rin. Kakashi wants nothing more than to stay by Obito's side in the present, but to do that, he must pull Obito back from the past...
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Shore Leave by Belle_Wordsmith
Shore Leaveby Belle Wordsmith & Noah Mason
[Completed] Ailis was expecting a simple night out for her last night on land. She'd go to a bar, do a little flirting, and go home to get some sleep before shipping off...
Five Times Tony is There by Alexei_2020
Five Times Tony is Thereby Alexei
And the one time Peter is there. Or: Peter is not impressed whit the billionaire asshole showing up at times where he totally has everything covered. Totally.
Trapped together (Aiden clarck X Tyler Hernandez SBG) by AlexLostAloneInWoods
Trapped together (Aiden clarck X T...by AlexLostAloneInWoods
This storys about how the world went to shit and everyones killing each other. Two boys, both around the same age, they both meet on the street durig the caose and find...
'Hola Batata' by amitysgirlfriend_
'Hola Batata'by Clover
Art is not mine. After 4 years of staying in the human realm Lucia amd luz noceda make it back to the boiling isles
Your Day by Solstice51
Your Dayby Solstice
Every day, Gon would tell Aunt Mito about his day, and now it was a habit. But Aunt Mito isn't at the Hunter Exam. So instead, Gon decides to tell Killua about his day...
I....You Lu (Luffy x Reader) by lolly-confetti
I....You Lu (Luffy x Reader)by lolly-confetti
You, a girl out for revenge, Luffy just happens to be relevant in your life at the moment. Maybe not for long but who knows, I mean you have always been one to think abo...
Temptations are Deceiving by AramosScribbles1
Temptations are Deceivingby Aramos Sribbles
Protecting Dinos = Darius with a gun, Protecting Friends = Darius with a mastmind plan, Protecting both = An nonremorsful Darius
The Road To New Beginnings (Bellow Diamond - Human AU) by GayLlamaFromSpace
The Road To New Beginnings (Bellow...by Min
The story begins in a high school, where a transfer student from privet school gets used to having a larger variety of people in her life, and a popular honor student st...