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We meet once again...Male Emily x reader (A Corpse Bride Fanfiction) by Kyliecharm
We meet once again...Male Emily x...by Kyliecharm
You made a promise with a childhood friend you never thought you'll ever break until now. Being forced into an arranged marriage that you had no say in. Until you finall...
Home || Enoch O'Connor by joyfullyours
Home || Enoch O'Connorby yj
Having grown up with someone like Jake Portman, I've grown up preparing for anything. Well, almost. So how did I, an outcast from 2016, land up back in the year 1943...
Helena Bonham Carter One Shots by Helenas_white_bread
Helena Bonham Carter One Shotsby Helenas_white_bread
Some Helena Bonham Carter one shots! Also it's gonna be very very gay 🌈
Corpse Groom  by WaterDragon88
Corpse Groom by WaterDragon88
They were due to be married, though they never before met. Her parents were thrilled, his were fulled with regret. But in a moment of anger, Trisha desperately fled and...
Willy Wonka X Reader ((REWRITING)) by TrashGremlin46
Willy Wonka X Reader ((REWRITING))by TrashGremlin
A Willy Wonka X Reader. This version of Willy Wonka is when Johnny Depp plays as him. I will update so often. You can suggest ideas. I do not own Willy Wonka or you.
Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse Bride Fanfiction] by CamsterHale
Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse Brid...by ❦cαм❦
[OLD STORY OF MINE] [MALE EMILY/BRIDE PICTURE/S ON THE COVER ARE NOT MINE, I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THEM] The (L/n) family bloodline was a very well known family w...
Healing - Book One by Graciewilliams1234
Healing - Book Oneby Gracie 💭
~BOOK 1 in MPHFPC SERIES~ It's the autumn of 1943, and Violet is living another average afternoon of an overly-sheltered life. Forbidden from venturing beyond her garden...
multi fandom gif series 3 (last-hopefully) by emmyrossumplsmarryme
multi fandom gif series 3 (last-ho...by (ง'̀-'́)ง
check out the 2nd gif series book for info in first chapter :))
Sweet Endings (Willy Wonka | Johnny Depp) by TiahnaChristine
Sweet Endings (Willy Wonka | Johnn...by Tiahna Christine
The Bucket family was just getting by. Charlie Bucket wanted nothing more than to meet his idol in life, Willy Wonka. When said idol holds a contest for five kids and an...
The Kreizler Institute | The Alienist + Mphfpc [Complete]  by lydiapalmer221b
The Kreizler Institute | The Alien...by Dark Guardian15
Jade goes to New York City for vacation in hopes that she can finally take a break. During her adventure, in the city that never sleeps, she ends up stumbling upon somet...
The doctor will see you now... NSFW - (Julia Hoffman X Reader)  by Darlingbonhamcarter
The doctor will see you now... NSF...by Whimsical Priestess
You grew up with her. She was always known to you as simply "Doctor Hoffman". But now your 16... and you don't remember a time where "Doctor Hoffman"...
Violet - Book Two by Graciewilliams1234
Violet - Book Twoby Gracie 💭
~SEQUEL TO HEALING - BOOK ONE~ September 1945 - Violet le Doré is almost eighteen and, to the delight of the country, the war has ended. All inside the house on the clif...
"I know it's not easy, that's why it's tough love." ➸ The story of a dead riser and a witch.
The Town That Changed Everything (Ichabod Crane X Reader) by _katexxra_
The Town That Changed Everything (...by ♡~Kate~♡
•A book about a love story between two best friends and a town that changed them. •I will be updating minimum twice a week since I have school and stuff. •All credits fo...
Chocolate For Her by Souffez4Life
Chocolate For Herby Souffez4Life
It's been four years since Charlie Bucket won the famous contest by the popular candy maker, Willy Wonka. When Charlie's Grandpa Joe dies however, he feels the need for...
Light and Darkness⭐ by hbcqueen
Light and Darkness⭐by 💕Luciana💕
Julia becomes pregnant after she once slept with Barnabas. What will happen to Victoria? Will Julia and Barnabs get together? Is there a happy ending? Will Angelique be...
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka x Female Reader) by AutumnSummers123
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory...by Autumn
The factory. The biggest factory we'd ever seen. My little brother and I walked past it every day. The smell of chocolate filling our noses. It smelled amazing. Charlie...
~Cherry Red~ (Awsten Knight x Reader)  by FrankGotSingWrong
~Cherry Red~ (Awsten Knight x Read...by Rachel 🔮📿🧿⚰️
I MADE THIS SO LONG AGO AND ITS A MESS Y/N lives a great life. She only has 3 friends, one of them being Otto Wood, but that doesn't bring her down. She misses her ex...
Our Nightmare by rainbowthefox
Our Nightmareby rainbowthefox
Sally moves in with the man of her screams. But there is still so much she has to learn of Halloween Town, and what it's like living with The Pumpkin King. A sequel...
Eternally Yours (A Dark Shadows Story) by thevampireriley
Eternally Yours (A Dark Shadows St...by RyleeThunderSword
Sofia travels to Collinsport, Maine to visit her friend Carolyn Collins, a friend she hasn't seen in a long time since she's been busy with her career as a painter in E...