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Delirium (Creepypasta x reader) by mushroomfriend
Delirium (Creepypasta x reader)by 𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊
Noun; an acutely disturbed state of mind that occurs in fever, intoxication, and other disorders and is characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thou...
Creepypasta x Dissabled!reader (Rewritten) by faincheeseele
Creepypasta x Dissabled!reader ( fainchee seele
Characters included: Jeff the Killer, BEN DROWNED, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, The Bloody Painter, Masky, Hoodie, and Ticci Toby. Added: Homicidal Liu, The Puppeteer, S...
CreepyPasta Parent Scenarios  by KatrinaDragon58
CreepyPasta Parent Scenarios by ✧・゚* Katrina *・゚✧
Because psycho murderers would make great parents, don't ya think?! This isn't just for a female reader, but He/She. Here are the Creepypastas I've writen scenarios abou...
Creepypasta Toxic Boyfriend Scenarios by nyrvi3_
Creepypasta Toxic Boyfriend ★cassie
As the title reads, this is you in a toxic relationship with the characters. As this is my first story I'll only be adding 6 of my favorite characters which are Jeff, To...
 Bloody Romance | Eyeless Jack x Reader  by amyau_08
Bloody Romance | Eyeless Jack x amyau_08
Y/n was always considered different too everyone except their Nanna who dies unfortunately. However, Y/n meets the creepypasta's who are similar too them and is welcomed...
The Girl in the Attic | Creepypasta x Reader by bloody_heartstrings
The Girl in the Attic | bloody_heartstrings
This is the official rewrite of my most popular fanfiction, Living With the Creepypastas. Cast away by her parents as a child, Y/N was convinced she was forgotten to the...
♋Creepypasta Zodiac Signs♐ by HeyyGloomy
♋Creepypasta Zodiac Signs♐by HeyyGloomy
Just a random creepypasta zodiac signs book for you all.
Creepypasta Headcannons! (Discontinued) by ExoticSushiManiac
Creepypasta Headcannons! ( The Bees Knees
Story discontinued in July of 2017.
CreepyPasta boyfriend scenario  by AnimeHeroes
CreepyPasta boyfriend scenario by AnimeHeroes
Featuring Slenderman, Jeff the killer, Ben Drown, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Laughing Jack, Homicidal Liu, Bloody Painter, the Puppeteer, X-Virus, Dr Smil...
Safe and Sane by starsforkralie
Safe and Saneby jay
Creepypasta AU featuring ~40 crps! I rewrote all of the characters stories and pretty much don't follow canon at all!! A few years after Jeffrey Woods murdered his paren...
The Umbrella Academy: The Puppeteer {on hold}  by FuzzyElf
The Umbrella Academy: The Sarah
One faithful day 30 years ago 43 children were born, sir Reginald Hargreeves came too adopt eight of said children: Number one: Luther, Spaceboy Number two: Diego, the...
Creepypasta Headcanons by Midnight2662
Creepypasta Headcanonsby 𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕕𝕒
this is just my personal opinions on the Creepypasta's, please don't mind it and no hate please!! Reminder: This IS finished. photos not mine.
Creepypasta Oneshots by UndaedTill1Die
Creepypasta Oneshotsby Voltaire
Just a Lil oneshot book for when I'm bored. Feel free to request. I did not create any of the characters in this book. Please suggest more characters or ships! I love he...
Çręëpŷpåśtā Zödįãçš by _Wildfire_Puppeteer_
Çręëpŷpåśtā Zödįãçšby _macarbe_mxniac_
C̵̛̩͊̂̓́͜͝r̵̲̹̠̂̊̀̊̅e̵̡̗̮̞̰̣͖̐͆́͛̊̇͒͝ë̷͓́̈̑͆ṗ̸̫͗̍̌͋̾̂̃́̚ỹ̵̮̮́̿̉̆̿͑̑̚͘p̶̤̺͈͐̓̍͠à̷̧̰̪̱̓̈̊͆s̷͓̣̲̳̻̑̓͆̊͋̈́̆ṫ̴̨̬̰̬̦͐͐̔̆a̵͔̟̘̬̗̗̾̔̕ ̵̬̭̞̭͙̪̙̠͊̏̌̆͋̓́̂Z̸̬͉͐̉̉̇͛̈́̎̎͐̊ȏ̸͈̄̓d̷͗...
Creepypasta Origins by HeidiMonroe13
Creepypasta Originsby Nightcrawler13
(WARNING: I do NOT claim possession of any of these origin stories, or of any of the Creepypasta characters or places.) This is for those of you who know who Jeff the Ki...
Up The Ladder by ka3trvv
Up The Ladderby ka3trvv
Roots and sticks crunched beneath his boots, counting every one to identify if the noise was produced by them or if he was being followed. Paranoia was a comforting fami...
Creepypasta Zodiac Signs  by Xxbeauty-psychoxX
Creepypasta Zodiac Signs by 《kk》
Hi there! This is my first creepypasta zodiac book so don't judge me if I messed up on anything and I'll try update whenever I can so enjoy!
𝕎𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕘 ℕ𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 // Creepypasta x Reader by Problematicb0y
𝕎𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕘 ℕ𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 // Alistair (he/him)
Shit's absolutely bonkers, I tell you. You're accidentally added to a chat filled with serial killers, let's hope that doesn't go too badly... Yeah, it went badly. But...
Turn that frown upside down Hoodie X Reader by Fand0m_Trashh
Turn that frown upside down Paris
This is a hoodie X reader ummm it's a Creepypasta fan fic and I will be in it! One day you and your friend take a walk through the forest and see a house,Out of curiosit...
Killing Show 2- Lab Rats by FunPolishFox
Killing Show 2- Lab Ratsby JolyneSimp
(Uwaga! To oficjalny sequel do książki "Killing Show"! Jeśli nie czytałeś poprzedniej, to radzę przeczytać.) Dwudziestka istot, znanych z creepypast, budzi się...