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Urushihara X Neko!Reader {Demon's Girl}  by Tmammaz
Urushihara X Neko!Reader {Demon' LittleOne | Trini
Every relationship needs at least one of these three things: Love, Lust, or Drama. So why not all three? This story is being rewritten!!!
Urushihara x Reader One Shots by Dj_VioletIceHeart
Urushihara x Reader One Shotsby Dj_VioletIceHeart
Urushihara (Lucifer) x Reader One Shots
The Angel With The Purple Eyes (Lucifer/Urushihara X Reader) by SadLittleApricot
The Angel With The Purple Eyes ( ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
(Y/n) had just turned 18 so she moved into the Villa Rosa Sasazuka apartments. But what will happen when (y/n), an introvert, meets a certain purple boy? And what is him...
Fairy Tail meets Other Anime by BabyDekuNeko
Fairy Tail meets Other Animeby Baby Deku 😜
Lucy, and some of other people in Fairy Tail, goes around each anime that I know, and meets other people in other anime's. I hope you guys like it, and by the way check...
A Demon's Child[Devil Is a Part Timer] by Starlight_5786
A Demon's Child[Devil Is a Part Starlight
Kamiki is a 7 year old child that happens to be the daughter of the demon general Lucifer and a mother that she's never heard of. After her father was killed by the Huma...
The Teen Teacher by byeonjunk
The Teen Teacherby bonknonks
(F/n) didn't have a long childhood, but she has something that not every teen gets at the the age of 10... A college degree and masters in literature and English. Being...
The Devil Gets a Sister(A The Devil is a Part-Timer fanfic) by SerenityNyx
The Devil Gets a Sister(A The Susan Sto Helit
What would happen if Maou were to give blood? Well that's exactly what happens when a girl gets shot during a robbery at his Mgronald's.
I'm the Best General (Urushihara Hanzo/Lucifer X Reader) by OMiGasha
I'm the Best General (Urushihara Konichihuahua
Emuanmorta. Is an old and secret place. Even Heaven and Hell don't know of it. Here rules a queen who has 2 younger sisters. One of them is you. The general. What will h...
Urushihara X Reader by EverMidnight
Urushihara X Readerby EverMidnight
What happens when you let a socially awkward, technology addicted, NEET live with you? 1. A messy house 2. No more snacks 3. LOVE??
Zodiac Sign: Anime/KPOP/Random by kagurascarlet
Zodiac Sign: Anime/KPOP/Randomby ......
⇧⇧You know it from the title⇧⇧ Sometimes I would put Not Anime/N.A or Kpop: to tell you its not about Anime. #AQUARIUSFTW Don't take everything seriously guys ^U^
One Song, One Shot  (Hataraku Maou-Sama! Fanfic) by TinLivReader
One Song, One Shot (Hataraku LIVELOW28
This is just a bunch of one shots that has a song to describe it. I was inspired to write this because of the AMVs I watch in youtube. I really love their works! Play th...
Urushihara X reader by scaraboo
Urushihara X readerby scaraboo
Hanzō Urushihara a strange boy next door you fall for. Somethings strange about him. What is it?
One Shots, Lemons, and Smut by YandereGirl298
One Shots, Lemons, and Smutby Emilee Luckey
Get down and dirty with you or your own little character. Get lost in these stories with your favorite anime characters kisses, pounding and more.
Am I In Love With A Demon? |(Maou x Emi)/(Ashiya x Rika)/(Urushihara x Suzuno) by PL4TNIUM
Am I In Love With A Demon? |( PL4TINUM
The Devil Is A Part-Timer! / Hataraku Maou-Sama is property of Satoshi Wagahara, Naoto Hosodo, White Fox and Funimation. Please support the official release. This story...
Anime lemons/Oneshots by LluviaLockser1
Anime lemons/Oneshotsby LluviaLockser1
I can accept requests This should Satisfy Hormones Escaping reality
•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a Part Timer || Urushihara / Lucifer by MiladyNocturnal
•Black Sheep• || The Devil is a ⫷Daddy Satan⫸
"Definition of 'Black Sheep': a disfavored or disreputable member of a group. A black sheep stands out from the rest of the flock." • Leaving Ente Isla when...
Anime Texts {Complete} by morguemitz
Anime Texts {Complete}by Morgan 💀
Well this is my first story. I'm sorry if this is super cringey. Please only put nice things in the comments and if you have and ideas for texts, message me and I'll try...
the devil is a part timer x adopted child reader by Punlaroonie
the devil is a part timer x C.L.Krout
what would you do if you were adopted by the overlord satan . this will be interesting.
Dark Angels (Urushihara x Reader) by Atlaswolfe
Dark Angels (Urushihara x Reader)by Atlaswolfe
You are a fallen angel who has fallen love with Lucifer. He doesn't know until the church hires you to find out what is going on with Emilia the Hero and Satan in Japan...
Sadao Maou X Reader by HarukaHikatashii
Sadao Maou X Readerby Haruka Hikatashi
People think that your just a ordinary girl with a life to live until the Demon Lord himself Satan comes to Earth and your true identity is revealed when you fall in lov...