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Teen Beach Biker (Book 1) by MysteriousAdventures
Teen Beach Biker (Book 1)by MysteriousAdventures
When Lisa Watson becomes friends with Mckenzie and Brady during the summer. She doesn't expect to meet Tanner, Lela, and all the rest of them. When she meets the kind he...
Butchy/Reader by a-scribes-words
Butchy/Readerby Joey Two-Hands
Title: Butchy/Reader Fandom: Teen Beach Movie [TBM] Began Writing: 4-27-15 Published: 4-27-15 Author/Editor: a-scribes-words
Lines In The Sand {Butchy x Reader} by quokkalatte
Lines In The Sand {Butchy x Reader}by ☕coffee addict☕
Y/n was forced into Wet Side Story with her brother Brady and her friend Mack, she finds that she has caught the eye of certain Biker, but is troubled with a difficult d...
Me, Myself, and the Tide (Seacat x reader) *COMPLETED* by _Kim_Haru_
Me, Myself, and the Tide (Seacat x...by Izzy-Belle
Hello, My name is Y/N. I'm Brady's little sister and we both love surfing and Wet Side Story the best movie ever made. One day me, my brother, and his girlfriend Mack ge...
Teen Beach Biker (Book 2) by MysteriousAdventures
Teen Beach Biker (Book 2)by MysteriousAdventures
It's been a few weeks and just as Mack promised she went to the prep school her aunt wanted her to go to for at least one week. Mack hates the school and comes back a we...
Butchy and Regina by doglove151310
Butchy and Reginaby doglove151310
What if Tanner had a little sister? What if she feel in love with Butchy? What would happen?
Teen Beach Movie (Butchy Love Story) by Kamalani_Kalahiki
Teen Beach Movie (Butchy Love Stor...by Kamalani
A surfer named Kayla is the younger sister of Tanner. Let's just say she'll be falling for someone.
Teen Beach 2 I Butchy x Reader by fangirlshipper2019
Teen Beach 2 I Butchy x Readerby fangirlshipper2019
I had this story on my other account that I forgot the password to so I'm just going to continue it here! That account was @Faker108 so yeah.. You're Mack and Brady's be...
Fallin for Ya by Emma_theRacoon
Fallin for Yaby Nemmie
Valeri comes to Wet Side Story along with Mack and Brady, then she figures out something that surprises everyone. It makes Valeri happy, though, because she fell for som...
Tanner's sister by Izzy1056
Tanner's sisterby Izzy G
Summer is Tanner's sister, what if she is caught between surfers and bikers, who will she meet along the way?
This is What Makes Us Girls  by screamforsenpai
This is What Makes Us Girls by Taylor
Lela is the most popular girl in school. Mack's life changes when fate brings them together one night.
Sunshine and Sweet Harmonies (Teen Beach Movie: A Butchy x reader) by GeekOfLife
Sunshine and Sweet Harmonies (Teen...by MER-BEAR GRANGER
In the Summer of 1996, Y/N is swept away under the waves during a severe storm while surfing. She washes up on a land that is definitely not the one she's familiar with...
Isn't Real||Tanner Lewis by JelissaJaliyah
Isn't Real||Tanner Lewisby Jelissa Jaliyah
In which three teens get transported into their favorite musical,and one of them finds love with a hot surfer. COMPLETED:April 20,2018
My Hero Academia - Multiverse [EDITING]  by fergieferg9999999
My Hero Academia - Multiverse [EDI...by Fergie
⚠️Currently being edited by @softizuku <3 ⚠️ Other universes can't be possible, right? Wrong. So very wrong. When the entire class of 1A was sent to a universe of r...
Maybe Its Time to Move On by emphasisonthefiction
Maybe Its Time to Move Onby Yasmeen
Laura is heartbroken when Ross breaks up with her and leaves her for his Teen Beach Movie co-star Maia Mitchell. She finds herself being comforted in Ross' older brother...
My Destiny by Sellybelly411
My Destinyby Olivia
What if instead of Brady, it was Mack that caught Lela? Will the brunette change her 'tude and be more open to things...more specifically girls around her? Or will she h...
fallin for ya ❀ a reddie au by peepeewise
fallin for ya ❀ a reddie auby peepeewise
i do NOT own this au! it belongs to val_kurry on instagram! ❀ california. 1959. school's out, and the beaches are crowded. pennywise's beach shack is crowded as ever, an...