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The  Billionaire's Girl  by starngcgirl
The Billionaire's Girl by starngcgirl
Jessica Hope was an ordinary innocent girl with an ordinary life . When she decides to work at the Anderson company . She runs into the most powerful billionaire Luke An...
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Gee Code by Imightbedee
Gee Codeby Dej
Lil nigga talkin' down on me he must be smoking on rocks.
Thomas Brodie Sangster x female reader imagines by Fan_Of_EverythingXD
Thomas Brodie Sangster x female re...by Fan_Of_EverythingXD
Alright this is My first book so this is crap This is book is full of Thomas and all of his characters he played.
The Nerd And The Billionaire by starngcgirl
The Nerd And The Billionaireby starngcgirl
Book 3 Of The Billionaire's Girl Conner Anderson , son of Liam Anderson is a billionaire like his father working at Anderson Co . But unfortunately he didn't get his f...
TBG 🦍 || Gee Money  by TherealllGoldie
TBG 🦍 || Gee Money by Dailikeday 💛
Rip Gee Money .. Erin thought her life was going great .. Business was thriving , family was great , and she was turning 20 what could go wrong ? right ..?
Falling In Love With A Gee💚🦍 by J_Moore27
Falling In Love With A Gee💚🦍by DarealJ🦍💚
You Ever Fell In Love With A Gorilla? 🦍 TBG💚 LONG LIVE Garrett , Long Live BLVD Quick.
Meant To Be by black_beauties
Meant To Beby black_beauties
No love, no loyalty, and all betrayal was what he lived by. Everyday it was the same old thing. He was determined to get rich, or he would definitely die trying to do so...
My Truest Identity by Godsbeloved1012
My Truest Identityby God’s Beloved
"You're God's beloved!" That's how Princess's mom used to remind her. But how could she believe it nor accept the fact that she's beloved by God if one day sh...
Helper by itssweiurd
Helperby $LIMEEE 💚
- $$$$$ . JUST READ IT .
The bad guys: rescuers of the multiverse  by gigsrodan90
The bad guys: rescuers of the mult...by gigsrodan90
The bad guys (or the good guys club) were escaping from aliens and marmalade and time traveled in the escape pod, mr.wolf gets separated from the rest of the gang and la...
🌺Beauty And The Gorilla 🦍 (SEQUEL TO THERE FOR HIM , BY: Tarah Arshaunti❤)  by TarahArshaunti
🌺Beauty And The Gorilla 🦍 (SEQUE...by TarahArshaunti
MUST READ 'There For Him' FIRST! (BY TARAH ARSHAUNTI) Gee and Tarah Are Back After All Of The Horrible Events That Have Happened They Still Remain Strong, But Will They...
TBG : The BAD GUYS in a Randomness Book by Lazulii1
TBG : The BAD GUYS in a Randomness...by ʟᴀᴢᴜʟɪɪ
Wow, back at it again with a dumb book, but this time it isn't Dog Man. It's The Bad Guys™ I actually really like this series, it's quite funny and just fun to read. I'l...
The Bad Girl by patutipie
The Bad Girlby nicole
Life is super strange. Hi, I'm Elliot Jane Victoria. You can call me Ellie or El. I'm not exactly a person you can judge by what I look like, well atleast that is what I...
FREDO BANG💥 by datbby
FREDO BANG💥by Rodwavewife
"Missing you deeply, I do this for Gee Money"💯
TBG: Begin And End by 3StarsAndAJupiter
TBG: Begin And Endby 3StarsAndAJupiter
Peace is over. Revenge is on the way.
chuyện bỏ by hongminhngoc223344
chuyện bỏby TFBOYS TBG
Chuyện kể về một cô gái từ lúc vào Đại học đế yêu thương ,..... và rồi có một số chuyện sảy ra. Hãy theo dõi chuyện để biết nhưng tình huống mới nhất nhé!
Raven- The Maze Runner Faniction by trenzaloren
Raven- The Maze Runner Fanictionby Kiwi
'Who are you?' 'I am....Raven' When Raven, a young 13 year old girl wakes up in a metal box, she has no memory whatsoever. She realizes that she is a big part of WICKED'...
The Badboy's Girl by PrinzeaInDark
The Badboy's Girlby Prinzea Nicole🌼
"Sabihin mo lang na hindi mo ko mahal, I will let you go. No questions asked." - "The Badboy's Girl" Date Published: 05-04-2018. Date Finished:...