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Drowned by Riadreame7
Drownedby Victoria Omale
#Book 1 Claire Anderson fought so hard... blaming herself for the death of her identical twin sister Clara Anderson because she realized that she was the real target. S...
Eirene Ion Richards The sweet, kind hearted woman, smart, and beautiful. The typical innocent who believed in true love and Prince Charming till her heart got shattered...
SALIMA by rahharmahmadam
SALIMAby Rayyan Bakri
"The path to success is not always a smooth one... Life hasn't been fair for Salima, growing up in a Slum, having a million and one responsibilities, and coping wit...
Panaché by Christabell77
Panachéby Christabell77
Tall,dark,handsome n deadly.. Panachè was a ruthless young man of 21 and no in case u were wondering,hez not rich,infact he's barelyanaging to scrape a living.... hez so...
ƒíղҽՏՏҽ by _minalli_
ƒíղҽՏՏҽby Ameena Maiturare 🌹
A Hausa love story Sabeeha Hussain is not your typical shy and quiet girl. She is outspoken, bossy, loves punctuality and is never late, ever. Safwaan saleh is the ce...
Pretty on the inside by bilostasamoneto
Pretty on the insideby bilostasamoneto
Love story what will blow your mind off a real life and you will just became a new victim of romance :-)
As The Story Goes... by MargaretValdehueza
As The Story Goes...by MargaretValdehueza
Lull me to sleep A promise you failed to keep Your betrayal, though you claimed it was brief How it ran so deep ~Margaret Valdehueza~
lovin u by Lovablething
lovin uby Lovablething
Mary finds out the boy she's dating is married but she can't stay away. She eventually moves away to raise a child and forget about love. But falls in love with a fine...
Poem's & Qoutes of my Life by trixma
Poem's & Qoutes of my Lifeby erjan
this is my first writing hope you like my poems & qoutes enjoy reading
sweet us  by shola22
sweet us by shola22
a young man fell in love with a younger girl their journey started online but they soon got so attached to each other , find out the details in the story .#kisses#
Torn by Learette
Tornby Lea Margaret Chan Valdehueza...
Two brothers, One girl..... Nicholas Xavaetore and Adrian Xavaetore are brothers who happens to love the same woman, Zavrina Colt ... Nicholas and Zavrina are each othe...
The Multi-billionaires Twins by prettylyzqel
The Multi-billionaires Twinsby prettylyzqel
Marco Bret Vane(multi-billionaire playboy)and Nisha Gale Embers(the heiress of the Embers Mall)were about to marry but then she saw her fiancé kissing another girl at th...
GOODBYE by pixyme
GOODBYEby zoey redbird
its a poetic experiance saying goodbye to old times
Sweet Toture  by Heramadey
Sweet Toture by Olaniran Moriam
I was shattered when he said he his in love with someone else after I have loved him secretly for all this years. I felt hot tears ran down my cheeks.
Faffy by Christabell77
Faffyby Christabell77
Book of poetry that comes from deep within my heart.