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Love line by topeex78
Love lineby mariam Adegoke
seojun x suho lim jugyeong thinks she has two guys fighting over her but that's the opposite, they want each other.
Just You //SeojunXSuho True Beauty FF by tunawere62
Just You //SeojunXSuho True tunawere62
Every hour,every minute,every second..only for you
True beauty: Secret and Extortion (Seojun X Suho, Suseo BL) (Completed) by lightlessboy
True beauty: Secret and Darknessboy
What did Jugyeong want? A normal life... What did she get after moving to the Saebom High School? A new life, accepted and loved by a lot of students... not bad right...
Between Us  [Suho x Seojun] by Suseo22
Between Us [Suho x Seojun]by BL lifeu
"You killed him... You did it!'' Suffering? Was that what his aching feelings for the other was called? All he knew was that he had being playing a game that he k...
Dating an Idol [Suseo] by katetypes
Dating an Idol [Suseo]by katetypes
Dreams can come true, right? - © katetypes [DON'T REPOST/REUPLOAD!] - #2 in seojunxsuho #5 in suhoxseojun #6 in truebeautyfanfic #7 in suseo