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The Last of the Kyanite Pack (on hold) by Rastalove
The Last of the Kyanite Pack (on Rastalove
Stormy doesn't remember what happened the day she and Jax were found at the age of six. They had been abandoned and left in the middle of the forest. But she knew it ha...
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RANKS by MercyMadness
RANKSby Mishy
Always quick to use her father's beta status to her advantage, Stormy has made a name of herself of being a spoiled brat that bullies omegas. Quick to put anyone in thei...
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The daughter of Griffin and Valtor by meloenie
The daughter of Griffin and Valtorby Melanie
What if they had a child. What if Valtor hears of Griffins daughter of the Trix? What will happen when he meets his daughter when he takes over Cloud tower? Find out in...
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Valtor's Lover [ON HIATUS] by crystipup
Valtor's Lover [ON HIATUS]by Oracle Sybil
I don't own Winx Club. Only Flame and Flare. And this story, of course. This story is how Valtor fell in love with a princess. The princess of Domino, to be exact. Which...
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Made of Steel (Divergent Fanfiction(Divergent/Eric)) AU by HiddenInTheStorm
Made of Steel (Divergent ~Stormy~
She was Dauntless He was Erudite She loved him with all her heart.He returned the favor When he transfers to Dauntless things start to change... But is it for the best...
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Winx Club oneshots! by emerald003
Winx Club oneshots!by 𝕰𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖉
its in the Tiltle. ^^
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You're my destiny by SiriusOrionBlack202
You're my destinyby Sintia Malfoy
Helia and Flora are same characters. Flora is the princess of Limphea and Helia the prince of Espero. They love nature and love the details of every person they see. Whe...
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Dark Fire | Bloom x Darcy | by Lexie_DreemurrYT
Dark Fire | Bloom x Darcy |by Lexile
this story takes place after Hellfire, watch it here --->
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Fairy Of Darkness by DemonWolfPrincess_72
Fairy Of Darknessby Ashira
After the battle with Valtor, the Winx and the guys have had break. While on their break , Stella encounters a girl, she apparently has a past with Brandon. This girl ne...
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~Hurts Like Hell~ Icy x Tritannus (Winx Club fanfic) by gh0st416
~Hurts Like Hell~ Icy x Shrexy
(Winx Club Fanfiction) Icy x Tritannus Icy, a witch with a heart of ice and a face of stone. She used to be. Now her heart is broken and her face is stained with tears...
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Ask and Dare the Trix!  by emerald003
Ask and Dare the Trix! by 𝕰𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖉
You get to ask and dare thr trix. And maybe if you ask nicley the other winx club villains. ^^
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Pusheen - Documentaire illustré by freddizzy-
Pusheen - Documentaire illustréby ∞
des pusheen partout !
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Stormy Love [Gajeel Redfox] by aidancee
Stormy Love [Gajeel Redfox]by aidan
Stormie, The Weather Dragon Slayer, has devoted her whole life to one thing, finding her older brother. But the problem is, she forgot his name, because he was gone so l...
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Jake x Izzy | JATNP |  COMPLETED | !!! | by ssarahparkk
Jake x Izzy | JATNP | COMPLETED | Nvm
When izzy develops a crush for her bestfriend and captain how will she cope with competition and the fact that jake is leaving to explore the never seas with Peter Pan w...
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Who's Shot?! (A Jamilton Fanfic) by _King_George_
Who's Shot?! (A Jamilton Fanfic)by ~KÏÑG_GËÖRGË~
Hamilton and Jefferson meet and then they get together. I don't know what else to say.
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Made of Secrets {Sequel to "Made of Steel} (Divergent/Eric) by HiddenInTheStorm
Made of Secrets {Sequel to "Made ~Stormy~
{{Sequel to Made of Steel}} - Events slightly different from original 'Divergent' book
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Fairy Tail and The Fairies by Book-Worms_Unite
Fairy Tail and The Fairiesby Bookworm
Fairy Tail finally got to met fairies. But not fairies you might expect, instead they met the Winx club! After their adventures in the World of Dreams, the Winx Club ret...
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stormy by queenchoclatebabyy10
stormyby queenchoclatebabyy10
A seventeen year old girl, she was put through a lot along with her mother and father just getting back together and her being the only child. Only as time pass losing h...
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A Cruel Jest? by ShelbyWinds
A Cruel Jest?by ShelbyWinds
The world is ruled by vampires and has been for known history, they are our masters and we their food, but somehow my little piece of the world has been unclaimed. That...
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Tangled: The Girl Next Door by YouIdiot1406
Tangled: The Girl Next Doorby ImSensational02
Winter Break at Colin Parkway High, has finally come to an end. With the second semester starting, the Juniors never expected to have a new student. Diego Brant. No...
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