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Second Chances by NCTzenFanfics
Second Chancesby 谢抒恩|NCTzen | CARAT
Flora used to be the snobby popular girl, after suffering a terrible loss she goes back to her old school with a whole new personality. Can the Winx girls, the people sh...
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The Past is Past .. or not by life_with_M
The Past is Past .. or notby <3
Flora and Riven never really talked about their lives at home. They kept their home live information short and simple. It was a big secret. Not even the winx or speciali...
Choose Me or Lose me (FloraXHelia fanfic) by NaLushipper12345
Choose Me or Lose me (FloraXHelia...by Ryu Cheney
(Winx Club Fanfic) (This is before Helia and Flora get together) (Might have lemons...) (Will have swearing.) (Good luck.) (Happy reading)
In The Garden (Miles Fairchild x reader) by AndrewLioydWebber
In The Garden (Miles Fairchild x r...by Slice Mice Lice
Y/N took a job as a gardener in an old mansion, with a rather blood-curdling facade. During her stay, what she thought was going to be a normal experience, turns out to...
Winx Truth Untold [ Irregular Updates ] by Hedgerriel_Bo
Winx Truth Untold [ Irregular Upda...by Twicezy
The feeling of betrayal hung in the air as the girls bore into the eyes of those whom they call 'The love of their life'. So much for believing in their "I love you...
In the Dark ° The Haunting of Bly Manor by snowbuck
In the Dark ° The Haunting of Bly...by ━━☆ 𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐡
"Don't worry Ms Clayton, you'll regret meeting me soon enough" In which Nora is going to burst into flames someday and she'll take a few down with her ONGOING...
Fragile, Innocent, and Scared by LittlePigletInABarn
Fragile, Innocent, and Scaredby LittlePigletInABarn
Flora is a teenage werewolf who is stuck in her past. She has nightmares of how rogues attacked her parents and killed them right before her very eyes. She can't help bu...
Jasmine and the Winx Club by Tbtreet95
Jasmine and the Winx Clubby Tbtreet95
As she watched Sirius fall into the veil of death Jasmine refused to stay in a world without her last real family member and quickly runs after Sirius, straight into the...
Fairy of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series) by JayaPrincess
Fairy of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of...by Jayla👸🏾
Have you ever wonder, what if there was a person with powers similar to Blooms? This is a story about an Enchantix fairy named Luna Crystal. The Princess of Crystalia. B...
Thoroughbreds//The Turning  by GoldenPavlikovsky
Thoroughbreds//The Turning by GoldenPavlikovsky
A woman by the name of Kate Mandell and her niece Elizabeth Mandell stay at a mansion in Maine for Kate to work as a nanny for a little girl named Flora Fairchild. Whils...
My Moonflower, My Love by cptcmrvl
My Moonflower, My Loveby mads✵⎊
What if Jamie had been able to get to Dani in time to save her?
Winter Winx (coming soon) by itsnikki_bryant94
Winter Winx (coming soon)by Nikki🥀
Elsa is known as the ice princess. She can also make it snow. What happens when she meets Brandon? I dont own Wink just Elsa and another oc and this story
I Do by clarissacamille15
I Doby Clarissa Camille
Lauren Flora is back, but for how long? Upon her return to her hometown, Flower Mound, Texas, she discovered the truth of what her family had been going through. After e...
Sorrow ▫ Miles Fairchild x Reader. by finnwolfhardsforever
Sorrow ▫ Miles Fairchild x Reader.by Chelsea Kinsley Wolfhard
You are Kate's adopted daughter and you go to the Manor with her and meet Miles...😈
The Lost Princess by Apple_sour
The Lost Princessby DJ.
Terra is a girl that lives in a small town named Gardenia. As summer starts she starts working at a bakery and meets a group of girls. She realizes someone is following...
Inisde my mind by Milliez_stories
Inisde my mindby Millie
y/n is the daughter of Kate, who has been offered a job at a manor in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal, except an eerie feeling about the kids Kate has to...
Under the Sign of Winx  by Charminmoonlight_
Under the Sign of Winx by Moonchild 🌙
Yep, it's back!!! The Winx girls are back for the excitement of a new school year!!! Things are looking up for the girls until a little fairy name Aisha comes along with...
Winx Club - Flora's in Danger! ✔️ by SuchALittleReader
Winx Club - Flora's in Danger! ✔️by SuchALittleReader
//Sequel to Winx Club - Flora's in Trouble! After yet another battle against the Wizards of the Black Circle, the Winx leave the evil men locked up and without their mag...
Winx - All Different by SilverGirl_XOX
Winx - All Differentby SilverGirl_XOX
'After all, it was Magix - the centre of drama.' The place where it all started. The place where the seemingly tight knots came undone. The place where the loose ends...
the babysitter ~ miles fairchild x reader by oliviareddie
the babysitter ~ miles fairchild x...by uR MoM
"mental" -dustin hendrson im so sorry for this its so cringe lmao THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 5K VIEWS <3