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Touch The Sky (A Reylo AU)  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Touch The Sky (A Reylo AU) by LadyArwenEvenStar
Is fate written in stone, is destiny written in the stars or can it be changed? Rey believes that it can be, and as she is faced with betrothal to one of the three lords...
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The Cottage (Amor #4) by Everlasting90
The Cottage (Amor #4)by K.T. Blake
Thor and Amara go on a weekend in Woodgreen at his family's cottage. Another storm ignites their sparks as they submerged themselves in the bucolic landscapes of the New...
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Stonehenge Magic  by EquineLilly
Stonehenge Magic by EquineLilly
A girl found a new world thanks to Stonehenge. Kate Stone is thrown into a world of ghosts, guardians, magical and normal animal companions and new friends. Kate is the...
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Gatemoodle by rosegrantj
Gatemoodleby John Rosegrant
Life is complicated enough for seventeen-year-old Dan with his embarrassing old friends and confusing new crush. But when his childhood stuffed beaver starts popping up...
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KIRINS: THE SPELL OF NO'AN (Book One) by jamesdavidpriest
A race of tiny, magical beings lives throughout Earth today. They are kirins. Dwelling in elaborate tree homes and underground sanctuaries, they enjoy a strong kinship w...
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Adventures from beyond the stones by Psyfeather
Adventures from beyond the stonesby SagumirQuill
Behold the world beyond the circle of stones where magic is in the wind...
Guardians of the gates {YA Urban Fantasy} by oliveijn
Guardians of the gates {YA Urban Oli Veyn
Nido is a chubby teenager and a bullied bookworm with no friends when she encounters the secret Order of Gatekeepers. She consequently has to follow a harsh training pro...
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Center Stone by LadyLiterature
Center Stoneby LadyLiterature
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The Man in the Mound by timnick
The Man in the Moundby T. S. Robey
When his people face starvation, Kharis leads them to a new home. But a rival plots to take over his leadership, even stooping to murder to achieve her purpose. It seems...
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The House of Truth by timnick
The House of Truthby T. S. Robey
In a theme as old as time, two sisters, Miranis and Lomara, love the same man and must find their way through the mire of jealousy and emotion to reach a peace that both...
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Solstice by Crystal_Heart35546
Solsticeby Crystal_Heart35546
Juliette Samson is a Pure angel, with big dreams to become a guardian her life is suddenly turned upside down when she meets Connor Diaboli, Fallen born.
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El Portal de Stonehenge [Viaje entre Mundos II] by escritorviajero
El Portal de Stonehenge [Viaje Rodrigo Gutiérrez
Salir de un lugar que fue un mito durante tantas décadas fue el principio. Garrett, aún con la ignorancia de saber, no sólo lo que ocurre en Orión, sino también en la Ti...
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Separated - Ember's Story by FlamesToTheEmbers
Separated - Ember's Storyby FlamesToTheEmbers
In Wiltshire, England, a monument stands, Filled with magic, made by hands, In this circle, the eight sisters reside, Because of wicked spirits, they have to hide. They...
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Of The Devil And His Daughter (REWRITTEN) by chersarkisian
Of The Devil And His Daughter ( alexandra
Davy Jones and Calypso have a daughter, with a little time traveling twist. The first few chapters are slow, but then I promise it will get good. The only characters I o...
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The Morgana by AmayhaR
The Morganaby AmayhaR
I'm a long way over old. There's nothing for me here on this half-forgotten lump of rock. So I'm finally leaving. Hopefully my next resting place will be something a bit...
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The Day I Forgot by Aquila_
The Day I Forgotby Aquila_
Rose is having a nice visit at stonehenge when something terrible happens. There is a man, he shoots her, people scream and she faints. But what happens next?
Call of the Dryad (Stories from The Howling Twenties) by DrewJes
Call of the Dryad (Stories from Jes Drew
When William stumbles upon a strangely-dressed woman from his past in the woods, he's pulled into a race against time to help not-quite-human childhood friend find the p...
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