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The Cottage (Amor #4) by Everlasting90
The Cottage (Amor #4)by K.T. Blake
Thor and Amara go on a weekend in Woodgreen at his family's cottage. Another storm ignites their sparks as they submerged themselves in the bucolic landscapes of the New...
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Make-Believe by astrotopic
Make-Believeby -ˏˋ 𝐉𝐈𝐋𝐋 ˎˊ-
Two worlds. The Imagination World, where prince and princesses are real and The Real World, where people do whatever they want. But what will happen if two worlds finds...
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Adventures from beyond the stones by Psyfeather
Adventures from beyond the stonesby SagumirQuill
Behold the world beyond the circle of stones where magic is in the wind...
Grandpa and the Old Gods by NeonGhostLight
Grandpa and the Old Godsby Neon Ghost Light
Claire loves her grandfather even though everyone else in the village is afraid of him and his evening walks. Tonight he wants to show her something. It's something she...
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The Stones by last_fanboy
The Stonesby last_fanboy
Listen. I have some time and I need to get this out there. It's kinda complicated but you know the Stone Henge? And the other rock creations like that? Well that's not a...
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Call of the Dryad (Stories from The Howling Twenties) by DrewJes
Call of the Dryad (Stories from Jes Drew
When William stumbles upon a strangely-dressed woman from his past in the woods, he's pulled into a race against time to help not-quite-human childhood friend find the p...
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Générations by Opi-Pro
Générationsby Sarah.
Les enfants ne voient pas les choses comme nous. D'autant plus lorsqu'ils sont surdoués. Sacha est convaincu que le monde ne peut pas rester ainsi, et qu'il doit y remé...
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Stormhenge by Featherfur2
Stormhengeby Featherfur
My own short twist on the unknown Stonehenge.
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KIRINS: THE SPELL OF NO'AN (Book One) by jamesdavidpriest
A race of tiny, magical beings lives throughout Earth today. They are kirins. Dwelling in elaborate tree homes and underground sanctuaries, they enjoy a strong kinship w...
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Solar Eclipse by penda_iclinga
Solar Eclipseby Penda Iclinga
A poem about the eclipse and how it must have been like living in a time when the Sun was so important, for it to die and then be reborn
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Trapped by NeverTrustaDuck
Trappedby Zeena
Evie gets more than she bargained for when she heads to Stonehenge. When a face in the stone starts talking to her, she needs to decide whether to help him or run away s...
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Stonehenge by Rikpette
Stonehengeby Rikpette
Har skrevet en liten historie om Stonehenge. Håper dere liker den!
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The Dance Of The Giants by VladDracul16
The Dance Of The Giantsby Michael Benjamin
I wrote this back in ninth grade enjoy :) also follow me for more poems and stories
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The Epic of Skae Tep by lee_elay
The Epic of Skae Tepby Lee Elay
The Epic of Skae Tep is a long form poem, imagined as an oral history, told around a campfire. The story tells us of a couple haunted by a bad outcome, and the consequen...
Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls by DouglasStearns
Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Douglas "D.B." Stearns
For thousands of years, the peaceful Balsarius lived in fear of the G'Alad Warrior Guild that had destroyed the Masu'ri settlement at the beginning of the Harmonic Wars...
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ART IN LIFE by IanTose
Feng Shui
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