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Out Of This World (Yandere Steven x Reader)(Gender Neutral) [COMPLETE] by SuckMySchmeat
Out Of This World (Yandere SuckMySchmeat
(Y/N) (L/N) was on a normal boating trip when they were sucked into a world they've never known where they make friends with a kind boy named Steven. However, as time go...
Saving Grace by BarnesandRogersfics
Saving Graceby BarnesandRogersfics
Steve leaves you and your son to go back to Peggy unaware your pregnant. Your heartbroken and struggling without Steve until Bucky Barnes steps up to help you out. Wit...
Cookie Cats (Steven x Male!Reader) by Dek-u-in-the-shnoz
Cookie Cats (Steven x Male!Reader)by Boi-issa-double-A
After a parental feud, Y/N is forced away from his nasty mum and unaccepting dad to live in Beach City with his butler Jeffrey so he can keep his inheritence and family...
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Song by BerjhawnGideon
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Songby Berjhawn Gideon
Reader is the unknown daughter of Tony Stark. Because of certain circumstances she has grown up with a dark shadow hovering over her. All at once her dark past comes cre...
Steve Harrington Imagines by Jackie_fio56
Steve Harrington Imaginesby Jackie_88
A series of imagines about Steve Harrington Started: July 16th
The Merger by latethoughts
The Mergerby latethoughts
Princess Stark!Reader is to marry Prince Steven Rogers. Although things go awry when Rogers visits her kingdom months in advance to set up the royal wedding, messing up...
Lifeline | Steve Rogers by anagentinwriting
Lifeline | Steve Rogersby An Agent in Writing
(First Responder!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you ar...
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female Reader [Steven Universe Future] ☆ by bitterganache
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female bruh
In light of the new episodes, I thought that Steven's new character arc would fit nicely in a possessive yandere story. Cover Art by danyve16 on Tumblr
Steven Universe Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by WiltedRoses228
Steven Universe Boyfriend/ WiltedRoses228
❝The boy finally spoke, a smile lighting up his face. "It might take some time to get used to things around here. Its a lot different than anywhere else."❞ ❝Th...
Wolf Creek by BeccaAnne814
Wolf Creekby BeccaAnne814
You and Steve were supposed to have spent the rest of your lives together, but lies and betrayal tore you apart. A family tragedy forces you to leave your life in the c...
Saved - Steven Universe x Reader by strawberry_milq_
Saved - Steven Universe x Readerby strawberry_milq_
(Takes place after the Steven Universe Movie) TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self harm, depression, trauma, abuse, and more. I don't own Steven Universe.
Losing game (Captain America x Reader) by N_Dahl
Losing game (Captain America x Natalie
(Takes place after AoU) She has never really been close to anyone. She has lived her life, just doing what she has been told. After Sokovia, agent [Y/N] gets a new job...
The Outsiders Oneshots by LuddleBubble
The Outsiders Oneshotsby Love The Void
A book of oneshots that include you and a character or just the characters. I have everything from wholesome to angsty. I no longer take requests. -COMPLETED- S.E. Hi...
《Left Behind》 Possessive steve x reader by Dirtyminddragon
《Left Behind》 Possessive steve x •°Decaying Statue°•
Note : Hello new or old readers this book will be completely finished and once it is done so I will leave it up for awhile or edit it or worse case scenario delete it so...
An Experiment 💛🔔❤️🧡 Bucky x Steve x Reader by Bells_Stories
An Experiment 💛🔔❤️🧡 Bucky x Bells 🔔💛🧡❤️
An explosion sent Hydra looking for what happened. Hydra found you, saved you, tested and experimented on you. When the Avengers take their base over, What Happens Whe...
the outsiders preferences/imagines by jigglebonejones
the outsiders preferences/imaginesby bo!
cute n fluffy imagines with the gang. modern outsiders.
Fued//Book 2 by IggeeRoseBby
Fued//Book 2by ℑ𝔤𝔤𝔢𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢
Summer '85. Only a few months after the events of Will Byer's, Y/n's little brother, possession, Hawkins is bustling with activities. Y/n and Billy's relationship is goi...
Ash's Older Sister by AprilSummerTiangco5
Ash's Older Sisterby Snowy-Storm_Night
This is rewritten from 'Meeting An Old Friend'.But I want to make it a different.
The Outsiders preferences and imagines by DallasWinstonlover1
The Outsiders preferences and DallasWinstonlover1
PLEASE REQUEST (nothing inappropriate) Imagine Template: Name Boy Age Appearance (optional) Plot
Promises by MrsNea
Promisesby MrsNea
Y/N always keeps her promises. Always. And this time it ends up hurting her.