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SHATTERED VOWS: An Arrange Marriage by abcdeeeeenise
SHATTERED VOWS: An Arrange Marriageby 데 아모
I'm signing over my hand in marriage for six months to save my city. That's it. It should be easy, except Sebastian Armanelli is my sordid one-night fling turned husband...
One Shot Stories by masterblair
One Shot Storiesby blair
These stories are all r-18 not for children
Hakkai: Into you by Mae-sannn
Hakkai: Into youby Bonten’s Trophy Wife
HAKKAI SHIBA ONE SHOT (SPG) Hakkai's very shy around girls except for his own sister. Now, what would happen if he meets you, a not-so-ordinary-girl with a teasing attit...
Ran: Accident by Mae-sannn
Ran: Accidentby Bonten’s Trophy Wife
ONE SHOT RAN HAITANI (SPG) Ran was in for a roller coaster ride when all of a sudden you, who claims to be pregnant with his child, stormed into his life. Will this chan...
Hanma: Red Flag by Mae-sannn
Hanma: Red Flagby Bonten’s Trophy Wife
ONE SHOT HANMA SHUJI (SPG) Being innocent and pretty wasn't easy. You were bothered by Osanai and his gang; Moebius. Not until the good for nothing gang leader Hanma, of...
My cold possessive Besrfriend (mcpd) by azusa_chan22
My cold possessive Besrfriend (mcp...by shadow_girl0935
once you know the truth about him ....matatakot kanang layuan sya ,once you love him ewan ko kong sasaya ka his so overprotective to me daig pa nya daddy ko but why ? hi...
Boys' Love S*x Stories - Ethan With Professor by Daga_2007
Boys' Love S*x Stories - Ethan Wit...by Daga_2007
Ang Unang Taong Kumuha ng Pagka-birhen ni Ethan. It contains matured word. Based on real life story. Read at your own risk. To read the whole story in youtube, here is...
Rindou: Pursuit  by Mae-sannn
Rindou: Pursuit by Bonten’s Trophy Wife
RINDOU HAITANI ONE SHOT (SPG) After everything went sideways, you were already prepared for the worst. Not until the boyfriend you left without saying anything seven ye...
The Wolf Next Door by caiN-rain
The Wolf Next Doorby caiN-rain
What to do when your neighbor is a SEXY Wolf
He Killed Me by jineo_bulacso
He Killed Meby Jineoo
Being reborn to a whole other life, Jenzen finds himself baffled and curious in the mystery that surrounds his death.
I'm Just A Duplicate (Silvastaña Series #1) by breakbaby
I'm Just A Duplicate (Silvastaña S...by Joy NM
Chest to chest Nose to nose Palm to palm We were always just that close Wrist to wrist Toe to toe Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
when I was his by taetae_345
when I was hisby taetae_345
Alyona Arsenyev Is half Russian and Filipino her father was pure Russian and her mother was pure Filipino. Alyona was born with golden spon on her mouth. Napaka bait pa...
Dared to kiss Mr. Playboy by amjoyss
Dared to kiss Mr. Playboyby noname
*flashback* "I love you steven" sabi ko habang hindi parin natanggal ang kanyang ari sa akin. "I love you too Kate" sagot niya, kaya umalis ako sa pa...
Losing Grip (On-Going) by Harthories
Losing Grip (On-Going)by Harthories
Ito ay tungkol sa isang dalaga kung paano niya kakaharapin lahat ng pagsubok bilang isang entertainer sa bar. Namulat sa malaswang kaganapan sa murang edad. Lahat ng pan...
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