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Love Me Still (Five X reader) by dracomalfoysimp78893
Love Me Still (Five X reader)by book writer ig?
Yn was a very powerful witch and with that power comes a very dysfunctional family. She was turned into an assassin and used sarcasm to help handle her family. After los...
Hero Bodyguard - Completed by KnightRider_34
Hero Bodyguard - Completedby Rider
Katsuki Bakugo just found out that Izuku Midoriya his best friend was given a mission to protect them. They are in their second year of UA. As Nezu wanted one of the new...
Enemies to lovers| Jaden Walton x y/n by happinessexpires09
Enemies to lovers| Jaden Walton happinessexpires09
Y/n grew up in Atlanta Georgia, United States. She attended Buford high school and is very close with Jayla and Javon Walton but was never close with Jaden, her enemy. ...
Willy by Wren9a2
Willyby ᗷETTEᖇ ᑕᗩᖇᗩᗰEᒪ
Urabella Diaz , lives in a mafia world with her father being the second most powerful mafia in the world. But living in a mafia world doesn't means she cruel. She is sof...
Rise Like The Sun by kaaterinapetrova
Rise Like The Sunby kaaterinapetrova
When new boy, Nick Hawthorne, roars up to school with a motorbike and an attitude to boot, ruling queen of Redwood Academy, Madison Sutton, is not pleased. Both loathe...
Allyson Dela Fuente (Bitch Series #2) by mis_shyghurl
Allyson Dela Fuente (Bitch M
[ON GOING] Allyson Dela Fuente (Bitch Series #2) Unang kita ko palang sa kanya ay alam kong gusto ko na siya kahit pa na babae rin ako. Siya lang ang nagparamdam sa akin...
The Shake Down(bakudeku Mafia Au) by Bossbreazzea
The Shake Down(bakudeku Mafia Au)by Bossbreazzea
An elite mafia group took over hosoka city. This band of highly skilled misfits searched for mafia gangs and rouges to defeat.The leader soon found himself in love with...
My Muse by pinktopsblack
My Museby qt
Lalisa Manoban is a painter, photographer and suffering from social anxiety who likes a well-known straight bitch named Jennie Kim.
The Rouge Queen by jordanmm12345
The Rouge Queenby Utopian Princess
No ranks. No Alphas. All because he rejected her, and she became the badass Queen of rouges. When he rejected her an idea came to her to leave this Kingdom and to creat...
Generally, the story starts with a girl in highschool who starts her day on the wrong track . Going forward, she's being introduced by a "friend" of hers to a...
Don't Ask Why by Rolexmisstoryx_07
Don't Ask Whyby ʳᵒˡˡʸ
Bri beck a sincerely honest girl was living her unobtrusive perfect normal life, in two years of lockdown she mind her own business behind the time she found what exactl...
Dark Side Of Kushida by HyperSecure123
Dark Side Of Kushidaby 123
We all know about Kushida's dark side. But what if, she somehow gets a symbiote? And one that was a regular boy in his previous life?
Face Reveal 🤕 by luhvyy
Face Reveal 🤕by Eggy
Eggy's fAce I'm eggy btw 💀👍
Regret rejecting me now alpha by cookies2021
Regret rejecting me now alphaby Cookies2021
Zoey she was the pack slave. She was waiting and waiting to find her mate. The day of her birthday she found him but it didn't go as plan... Her parents died and she is...
Motofumi oneshots (NaofumiXMotoyasu) by H_ivik
Motofumi oneshots ( Hivik, slowly dying
I literally gave up on my last fanfiction, and I literally have Motofumi fanfictions taking over my google docs, so I suppose- I literally write about these two all the...
|Killer|G.B.D| by gravitydolans
|Killer|G.B.D|by Brooklyn™️
Being kidnapped by two mysterious men who have untold secrets unexposed to the human world. Some ideas are inspired by your favorite supernatural series, enjoy reading...
Katherine Pierce † Quotes  by virginiakiss
Katherine Pierce † Quotes by virginiakiss
Quotes of Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. "Katherine Pierce (based on Katherine von Swartzschild) is the ancestor of Elena Gilbert and the doppelgänger o...
ᴘᴏssɪʙɪʟɪᴛʏ || ᴢᴜᴋᴋᴀ by coplalia
ᴘᴏssɪʙɪʟɪᴛʏ || ᴢᴜᴋᴋᴀby reagan (new layout)
enemies, to friends, to lovers. ______________ hi there. so, this is modern. they still have bending, ba sing se is a place etc. it's just like ATLA except with technol...
𝓢𝓲 𝓕𝓾𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓼 𝓘𝓭𝓸𝓵 by croduki2006
𝓢𝓲 𝓕𝓾𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓼 𝓘𝓭𝓸𝓵by Esposa de Duki
[PEDIDOS ABIERTOS] (Se tomará como modelo a la cantante argentina Cazzu. Por supuesto se cambiarán muchas cosas sin embargo los temas y nombre artístico no variarán.) Pa...
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Rejection Sucks (Book 1) by 11Chocolate_drop11
Rejection Sucks (Book 1)by Denisha Gabriel
BOOK ONE IN THE REJECTION SERIES.... COMPLETED BUT REWRITTING What happens when you find your mate and it turns out they are already mated and in love with someone else...