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Spoiler by dyadyosoo
Spoilerby dyadyosoo
Work ini berisi oneshoot tentang cerita apapun. Dari yang pernah Dya publish dan masih ada worknya Almost ChanSoo ya,, Kenapa Dya kasih title Spoiler? Karena kali aja su...
Dreamland star ⭐️  [ exo and snsd ff] by yodatannation
Dreamland star ⭐️ [ exo and JKCT
18 life,.... 9 boy,..... 9 girls,..... 9 story,..... But one dream.... Start: 02/07/17 Finish: -- [very very slow update] - this is my first story soo..... (I'm not good...
When will I wait? (ChanSoo Fanfic English) by YonaKyungsoo
When will I wait? (ChanSoo YonaKyungsoo
An intriguing story between the relationship of two Boys named Chanyeol and Kyungsoo.
Loves Money by hansooyaaa_
Loves Moneyby JISOO
The truth about women, money and relationships.. and i hate it...
The Forsaken Promise by chrizzledaulat
The Forsaken Promiseby Harry's Girl
A sequel of "My Boyfriend is an Alien". Read that first before proceeding to this one. For you to completely understand this. That's all thank you readers
Based On Picture (Infinite Myungyeol-Woogyu) by arinseup
Based On Picture (Infinite 아린스피릿
one shots made based on pictures Not the real event just pure fiction Sory about the bad english because it's not my mother language (not like i'm fluent with my mother...
Gracias por aparecer... Adapté la historia así que créditos a @Carolina0209 quien me autorizó a hacerlo ^^
Fanboy-ing isn't a sin! by sooyeol0327
Fanboy-ing isn't a sin!by sooyeol0327
Who says that boys can't have a heart for their idols?
Break This Heart and Heal It by yeollie_k
Break This Heart and Heal Itby 시아
Myungsoo admitted he was wrong. He breaks Sungyeol's heart and trust and now that he finally meets Sungyeol, he is begging for a second chance.
Love is Love by nandasugandi
Love is Loveby nandasugandi
Cinta adalah cinta. Tak ada alasan lain untukku berada di sisimu selain karena aku mencintaimu. Cinta adalah cinta. Mencintaimu adalah kebahagiaanku. Bagaimanapun pera...
Qual é a sua resposta? by AitakNelle
Qual é a sua resposta?by Ovi Ado
Chanyeol está em duvida se é homossexual ou se apenas gosta unicamente de seu melhor amigo, acaba sendo pressionado por si mesmo quando seu melhor amigo diz ter recebido...
A to Z of ChansooFestID by chansoofestID
A to Z of ChansooFestIDby ChanSoo Festival
Kumpulan pengumuman, info, berita, dan lain sebagainya terkait ChansooFestID dan event-eventnya. Mohon supportnya... Terima kasih & salam kenal!! ❤
Relacionamentos, parques de diversões e despedidas by alasrorv
Relacionamentos, parques de alasrorv
Relacionamentos poderiam ser comparados com parques de diversões, alguns iriam te deixar nauseado, com medo e ansioso, enquanto outros iriam deixa-lo extasiado, feliz e...
Esparramados no sofá by kkaebaekyeol
Esparramados no sofáby Let
Kyungsoo levantou da cama, os cabelos bagunçados despontando para todos os lados e a expressão cansada no rosto emburrado, havia tido um dia cheio e estava morrendo de s...
Switch by maple_day
Switchby guccitae
have you watch Secret Garden? Where their soul got exchange like other drama also which is BIG?Have you watch it? that what Chanyeol and Sooyoung got. Sound cliche right...
Universo de Possibilidades by helwa_
Universo de Possibilidadesby helwa_
Nos confins de todas as galáxia existem inúmeros bons pilotos, exímios atiradores e até mesmo caçadores espertos. Chanyeol é apenas um droide que tenta ganhar a vida ao...
Forced Relationship (Sehun And OC) by ScarletZers
Forced Relationship (Sehun And OC)by SoShi
Two idols were forced to be in a relationship as there were too much rumors about them dating. What will happen??? Will there be feelings at the end or not? FIND OUT IN...