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𝙷𝚘𝚖𝚎? 𝚈/𝚗 𝚂𝚋𝚒 𝚂𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 by KaG1204
𝙷𝚘𝚖𝚎? 𝚈/𝚗 𝚂𝚋𝚒 𝚂𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢by
Idk who the cover art belongs to so if you please lmk so I can give creds! You are a 14 yr old troubled teen in an orphanage waiting to be adopted. You've been from fos...
Only jokes, right? by A_G359
Only jokes, right?by A_G359
Tommy starts to believe the haters in his chat. Do his friends really think he's annoying? Is Ranboo a better friend then him? (ranboo and tubbo's friendship is Great th...
"Beast Tamer" Technoblade X Reader by MoonEmbre
"Beast Tamer" Technoblade X Readerby Moon
" Beast Tamer " Technoblade x Reader When YN, an insecure maiden that was kidnapped by pillagers to raise their Ravagers was saved by the Blood God. •°•°• This...
Technoblade x Male Reader by Badwilburcopy
Technoblade x Male Readerby ozlliB
You always wanted to play Minecraft with he big streamers, but what happens when you play hypixle bedwars with THE Technoblade and join his love or host?
Carnations by Sprezzzatura
Carnationsby Sprettzy
Theseus Minecraft was born in the year 1305. He was born into a family destined to walk the earth for eternity and ever, only... Theseus wasn't graced with such curse. T...
runs in the family by opetunia
runs in the familyby orange petunias
TommyInnit is known for being in a "family" with his fellow friends and influencers Wilbur Soot, Philza Minecraft, and Technoblade called the "Sleepy Bois...
The Sleepy Kingdom by _Knife
The Sleepy Kingdomby Knife
Ello Sbi story again royal au that's all I can explain since I don't know my self have a nice day, night, evening or afternoon
Behavioural Tutor by Cinnamon_Roll_3217
Behavioural Tutorby 🐝Micah🐝
Tommy was known as the school's 'Bad Boy', the 'Troubled Kid', the 'Problem Child' and in extreme cases, the 'Psycho', all because he was different. No one understands h...
Phil's Kid by AlexIsGenderless
Phil's Kidby Alex
Phil and Kristin decide to foster a kid without telling anyone, not even their internet family. What happens when Phil tries to keep the fact he's a streamer secret from...
Tyche | Technoblade x Reader by Chloe3256
Tyche | Technoblade x Readerby oop
Rumors of a revolt have been spreading like wildfire across the mansion. The Greshams were not poor in terms of power and money, but they certainly had a ways to go to o...
• Under Cover •  by gunsgopew_
• Under Cover • by Gunsgopew
• SLEEPY BOIS VILLAIN AU • "Tubbo! We have a job for you!" "What is it?" "We need you to go undercover for us! And get information on the Slee...
Monster in my room (Sleepyboys Au) by emldmn
Monster in my room (Sleepyboys Au)by emldmn
Little Tommy was living with his brothers. They had a pretty normal life until one day a creature was interested in Tommy. The brothers thought it was only an imaginary...
TommyInnit Oneshots (mostly angst & fluff) by lacisoot
TommyInnit Oneshots (mostly Lio :)
Just a random TommyInnit one shot book. NO SHIPS IM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT. Don't sexualize any minors please With that enjoy the sad Tommy book :) TW Cussing Mental he...
Forget Me Not [Technoblade x Reader] by SnowIsRandom
Forget Me Not [Technoblade x SnowIsRandom
When choosing to move to a land of snow and ice, Techno thought his life would finally be quiet. He believed that with the help of his old friend, Philza, he could escap...
Another Family (SBI adoption AU) by BlueeInnit
Another Family (SBI adoption AU)by
(IF UR SBI DON'T READ THIS PLS, IT'S VERY CRINGE) Tommy is an orphan who got fostered 37 times and not even 1 of the people he got fostered by wasn't abusive. The orphan...
Company with heroes [SBI+bench trio] (ON HOLD) by vocal-gay-writer
Company with heroes [SBI+bench Archie to ya, bitch
"This is so not pogchamp." When tommy, tubbo and ranboo have lived on the streets for so long, they have grown accustomed to be hollow-looking infront of other...
Life of a Blob by AlliumPetals
Life of a Blobby Allium
George finds a small blob in a dark alleyway, and takes it home. What chaotic adventures will happen next? !!!THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE ANY SHIPS!!!
a new home || sleepyboisinc by Stinky3gg
a new home || sleepyboisincby Stinky3gg
updated atleast 2 times a week!! If anyone is uncomfortable with this it will be taken down immediately
Blood.. [Sbi vampire au] by x-Pastel-x
Blood.. [Sbi vampire au]by
Tommy has been waiting 5 years for his parents in one alleyway in L'Marburg. Basically living off stolen bread, or whatever he can find. So what happens when vampires fo...
Spirits [MCYT AU] by Kipogwritting
Spirits [MCYT AU]by Kipogwritting
MCYT AU! - TW: there are suicide mentions so read at your own discretion - - no nsfw (obviously) started: 21 October 2020 ended: 23 April 2021