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Me | SKAM Jonas Vasquez by Eleriaa
Me | SKAM Jonas Vasquezby Eleriaa
"In today's society, people value a very specific type of person. And then they want you to be like that. It's important to them how you dress or talk. They care ab...
Collide - SKAM Fan Fiction by cyrstalsandpaper
Collide - SKAM Fan Fictionby cyrstalsandpaper
Nothing could be anymore different than the personalities of Grete and Christoffer. Yet somehow they keep running into each other. A lot more than Grete hoped. When she...
She's mine// Chris schistad by kolissac
She's mine// Chris schistadby Mikaelsons wife🤤💋
3 new kids. Scarlett and Noah Martinez and Noah's bestfreind josh. The three were very close and once they heard josh was moving to a new school they had to follow him...
The exchange by lunagilx
The exchangeby hellouuu :)
Rosa Ramírez is a smart, responsible girl. She's fierce and strong and independent and... totally not in love with one of the biggest fuckboys of her school. Except Wil...
honest  ➸ chris schistad by unheartwicked
honest ➸ chris schistadby ☾ brooke☽
"i wish you could be honest, i wish you could be honest with me." » in which an unimportant first year boys high school life changes as he falls for the school...
Sander and Robbe, Minute by Minute by Autumn_tide
Sander and Robbe, Minute by Minuteby Ashe Melborn
This is the story of Sobbe (Sander and Robbe) of wtFock (SKAM Belgium) from Sander's POV. I know it's kind of late doing this, but I have been missing Sobbe for some tim...
AMOUR (CHRIS SCHISTAD) by hayleymarshallc
a·mour əˈmo͝or,äˈmo͝or/ noun a secret or illicit love affair or lover.
The Football Boys (DISCONTINUED) by BenRyans
The Football Boys (DISCONTINUED)by BenRyans
(Wattys2018Longlist) Childhood friends, Luka and Dakota, commit the ultimate drunk mistake and have one unforgettable night that changes their friendship in ways they ne...
Multifandom Imagines (Completed) by Moonlight219
Multifandom Imagines (Completed)by Moonlight219
Will probably be mostly: -SKAM -Teen Wolf -Riverdale -The Vampire Diaries -The Flash -The Originals -Supernatural Imagines but there could be more Idk?? We will see ho...
insane // chris schistad by ayecalifornia
insane // chris schistadby m
he drove her completely insane, but in the best and worst way possible. - [highest rank: #84 in fan fiction] [#1 in chris schistad] [SKAM SEASON 1-4 AU]
The One || Chris Schistad by kellymesweetz
The One || Chris Schistadby Kelly
❝I would choose you.❞ ❝Then why didn't you?❞ © 2017 SKAM #1 - Chris Schistad
Starstruck (the Idea of Always) by ghosttotheparty
Starstruck (the Idea of Always)by lulu
"Just let me." Jens's voice was all he could hear. "Let me love you." Lucas let him.
Chris & Eva | Together by runawaywritingbaby
Chris & Eva | Togetherby a.
hola, i refuse to believe chriseva / mohnstad wasn't endgame. also, noorhelm and yousana will probably be in here quite a lot.
minute by minute / evak by evakandfack
minute by minute / evakby evakandfack
COMPLETED "We'll take day by day, hour by hour or if that's not enough we'll take minute by minute." This story is d.r.a.m.a.t.i.c, be prepared. NOMINATED FO...
Elke seconde telt // Every second counts (FanFiction) by FockTheWhat
Elke seconde telt // Every FockTheWhat
This book tells the story of 'wtFOCK: Anaïs' from Bobbie's perspective. Bobbie is a bold teenager who unexpectedly lost her father two years ago. After his death she str...
Pas Peur  {Elu} by oceansonmars
Pas Peur {Elu}by oceansonmars
-Are you afraid?! +no -why?! +because It's my choice to be here! -are you afraid of what's going to happen?! +yeah -why?! +because I won't have the choice to be her...
Skam - Evak by casualbea
Skam - Evakby bea
The story of two Norwegian boys, Isak and Even. When Even gets diagnosed with a mental illness, he refuses to believe that he keeps changing and has been losing his real...
Letters To A Stranger by Mar3sa_
Letters To A Strangerby M
Even is fascinated, when a certain blue-eyed boy first captures his attention in the school canteen. From that moment on, he writes letters, in which he expresses his fe...
Even&Isak Life is Now by tinkita
Even&Isak Life is Nowby Ti-Nki-tA
.. story continues right where season stopped..
"What do you want from me Chris?" "I think you know beautiful." | chris schistad fic in seasons 1-2 | #16 in fanfiction (1/17/2017) cover by DamnSpra...