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The Magical Archives by Water_Doodles
The Magical Archivesby Water_Doodles
Harry Potter FanFictions that won't leave my head😝 My twin mates is the second chapter 🙂
Tightly Knit by writer-or-whatever
Tightly Knitby writer-or-whatever
Sirius struggles to knit, and James and Lily make it better. (Sirius/James/Lily) ((complete & cross posted on AO3 and FFN))
Severus Snape Goes To The Past by SlytherinQueen20098
Severus Snape Goes To The Pastby Little Rose
Deku is in Hogwarts teaching his class when he is teleported back to his first year at Hogwarts. He goes to Gringotts to get a inheritance and finds alot of things out. ...
Ghostly Embrace by RobeyWanKenobi
Ghostly Embraceby Jax
A Halloween Marauders story about James having a panic attack while dressing up for a party. Comfort and fluff ensues. Main ship is Sirius and James, if you don't like...
Sneaky dragon by SaynabsUnger
Sneaky dragonby SaynabsUnger
A short novelle based on my favorite ship 🥺😍
Solo amigos / JamesxSirius by CaitlynKey8
Solo amigos / JamesxSiriusby ✖ MyShip's
Sirius besa a James por curiosidad y para su sorpresa su amigo le devuelve el gesto.
Animals (Sirius x James Harry Potter Marauders fanfic)  by tenderkidneys
Animals (Sirius x James Harry Marcus
Sirius Black is a young, handsome boy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He and his three best friends find themselves bullying and eventually befriending Se...
Harry's Adventures as a Werewolf by star242759
Harry's Adventures as a Werewolfby star242759
While collecting supplies for Professor Snape, in the Forbidden Forest, Harry is bitten by a wolf. When it is discovered the wolf is a werewolf Harry's adventures begin...
Why? by SlytherinQueen20098
Why?by Little Rose
Severus is raped and he finds out he is pregnant so he tries to take his life. Sirius and James here what happen and fell bad and visit him in the hospital wing.
Romeo, Juliet, and Mercutio {Remus Lupin} by lockhrtx
Romeo, Juliet, and Mercutio { lockhrtx
We were a modern day Romeo and Juliet, with all the romance and none of the tragedy. Then Mercutio came along. A Marauders romance with my original character Liesl Rose...