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Unknown Territory. by just_me_milly
Unknown Milly
(Won't Be Updating) "Sometimes in life, you just have to go down a path where you haven't explored yet, it's unknown territory because the unknown territory can lea...
Change (English) (on hold) by noortjemeij2004
Change (English) (on hold)by noortjemeij2004
I'm bad at descriptions, so I'll try my best. So the story is about a girl called chin-sun, she and another girl from the same company enter produce x 101 season 2, the...
Mercedes by XLianneD
Mercedesby XLianneD
Mercedes is a rich bitch. What happens when she meets the one and only Harry Styles ?
The Singing Contest by MarissaGomes7
The Singing Contestby MarissaGomes
Amelia was a great singer with a beautiful voice and singing skills but she felt too shy. So she kept it a secret from her schoolmates and family. Her family was poor...
The Infamous Hogwarts Singing Contest Finale of 1977 by Polarriss
The Infamous Hogwarts Singing Polaris
It's 1977 and Dumbledore decides it'd be a great idea to have a Hogwarts Singing Contest. What happens when James and Lily do a duet? -- That's a terrible description bu...