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Sweets - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) *last extra chapter added* by strawberryrhapsody
Sweets - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) * strawberryrhapsody
Sherlock is out of nicotine patches and his mood is, well you can probably imagine. John refuses to buy him patches because he was just out shopping. Instead he insists...
Missing Piece - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) by strawberryrhapsody
Missing Piece - BBC Sherlock ( strawberryrhapsody
John is furious and leaves the flat after an argument with Sherlock. A short while after that he wents missing and now Sherlock tries his hardest to get his only friend...
Verification of an alibi - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) by strawberryrhapsody
Verification of an alibi - BBC strawberryrhapsody
John is making tea on a normal morning when Sherlock comes in and requests the doctors help in an urgent experiment. Johnlock
BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) - Wrong Deduction by strawberryrhapsody
BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) - Wrong strawberryrhapsody
Sherlock is bored as always when he doesn't has a case, so he wakes up John, but the good doctors reaction leads him to a wrong deduction. Johnlock