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All Your Strength- Levi X Reader (SH, Depression) by levifanfics04
All Your Strength- Levi X Reader ( levifanfics04
Levi x Depressed Reader Tw: intense description of self harm and rape. If you're triggered by these themes please read with caution. *Strong Sexual Content* **All charac...
meant to be (DNF) by hugzforsap
meant to be (DNF)by demi
After Clay's mum starts to realise whats going on with clay she quickly phones the police who then take him to a physc ward, is it weird to say he liked it there? well i...
Lies We Tell To Stay Alive by ergonomadical
Lies We Tell To Stay Aliveby ergonomadical
angsty Camp camp dadvid fic (rewritten) cover art is by me big tw for: self harm possible ednos but v vague suicidal ideation parental neglect implied/referenced abuse ...
LifeLine ~ (Dnf? - Angst)  by Aannzzy
LifeLine ~ (Dnf? - Angst) by Aannzzy
When George starts doubting his life after a long while of being okay. When Dream doesn't know how to help him and remain mentally stable himself. When Sapnap feels bad...
Y/n, the new avenger by maridk_
Y/n, the new avengerby Jenny
Jenny gets kicked out of her mothers house. She has no where to go, until she meets the avengers. Some trouble happen as she stays. ⚠️ ED, SH⚠️
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Broken [Villain Rehab Deku] by _Simp_Of_Lily_Evans_
Broken [Villain Rehab Deku]by Aludra
The four most dangerous villains of the LOV had been captured. What will happen after Nezu decides to pay them a visit in jail in order to put them in a rehabilitation p...
Colby x reader  by PepsiLover09
Colby x reader by
[THERE IS NO ENDING TO THIS BEWARE B4 READING] idk I kinda am bored so enjoy. You use they/them pronouns yk the vibe. Hehehe TW:sh,suicide,ED,sa
Mattheo Riddle one shots✨ by tvd_storiesxo
Mattheo Riddle one shots✨by Good girls stories
quick little stories that I came up with in 3 hours and I decided to post it. If you want more lmkkk ⚠️TW⚠️ self harm, scars
Remus Lupin Comfort 🤎 by Inejbrekker20
Remus Lupin Comfort 🤎by Inejbrekker20
professor lupin is the only one who sees how much y/n is struggling, and does everything he can to help her. tw ‼️ self harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disor...
criminalminds x reader by inne-the-creator
criminalminds x readerby inne :))
⚠️tw⚠️ mental health issue's such as sh, depression, Ed and suicide... y/n garcia penelope's sister has been with the bau for 1 year. she's a very private person but now...
Save my tears by kukikukla
Save my tearsby Alik
"I really messed it up this time" Her life never been easy, she lost lot of people and she also lost herself. When a 16 years old Anne get the chance to be par...
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A new avenger by Leave_mealone17
A new avengerby Ashisdead
"if she's too powerful to keep in a cell then why don't we make her one of us, I mean after all we do need some serious power like that" Nat says "are you...
YN x Colby Brock  by Sky15521
YN x Colby Brock by ...
this is a ship between YN and colby the pronoun will be in me my I stuff like that because it will be in YNs pov aka you if it ever switches povs I will say names pov th...
MHA Boys Finding $H Scars on You.. by SoftKizzes
MHA Boys Finding $H Scars on Anuzami Kukashina
Pretty self explanatory. Some MHA boys will be finding some Se1f H@rm scars on your body. (Some) trigger warning(s): Se1f H@rm mentions, mild swearing, itty bitty bit of...
Stay with me by girly506
Stay with meby Mischa
Ivah "Aldine" has never had a good life, abused, never been to school, not knowing how to read, having a major fear of water due to her trauma and never really...
Destiel Oneshots 🛐😩🤟 by JustMrBook
Destiel Oneshots 🛐😩🤟by Mr. Book
Oneshots Destiel •angst •fluff •smut I accept requests
You replaced me by girly506
You replaced meby Mischa
Kendall Rossi isn't your average thirteen-year-old girl. At the young age of five her brothers dropped her off at an old orphanage which they claimed would be way safer...
Flowers (krbkdk angst soulmate au) by ergonomadical
Flowers (krbkdk angst soulmate au)by ergonomadical
Soulmates are connected by wound bonds - when your soulmate gets hurt, flowers fall from your skin in the same spot What happens when you know your soulmate is self-harm...
Unwanted -- Tony Stark's Daughter by lianne_nlx
Unwanted -- Tony Stark's Daughterby lianne_nlx
Carmen Sophia Stark is the daughter of the famous Tony Stark. She keeps up the act of being fine, but she is not. She feels like she is unwanted. _______________________...
If you were a child of joyce byers by Tuvarujdjs
If you were a child of joyce byersby Tuva Rungegård
This story is based in 1985 and you are a child of joyce byers<3 TW SH AND OTHER STUFF