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_♡✦ ∂เɓµʝσร ѵɾɠαร :ѵ ✦♡_ by __Miyukiuwu__
_♡✦ ∂เɓµʝσร ѵɾɠαร :ѵ ✦♡_by ._. XD
ɦσℓα! εɳ εรƭε ℓเɓɾσ ɦαɓɾά ρµεร....รσℓσ ∂เɓµʝσร :ѵ รεɾα cσµɳƭɾყɦµɱαɳร ყ εรαร ωεαร σ ƭαɱɓเεɳ ρµε∂εร รεɾ ∂เɓµʝσร ∂ε รεɾเεร¿ รเ εร φµε ɱε αɳเɱσ א'∂ ρεɾσ ωεɳσ, ℓαร αcƭµαℓเƶα...
Mason's Medical by _TheBestFanFictions_
Mason's Medicalby _TheBestFanFictions_
Join doctor Grace Mason at Seattle Grace as she meets old friends and new ones, deals with the interns and tries to keep her own interns from killing anyone. Originally...
Girl Next Door // Carl Gallagher by baddie_maddie
Girl Next Door // Carl Gallagherby Madds
Breeana's life is... complicated. She moves every now and then because of her "job". But this time it was different. This time she's moving permanently to Chic...
Shadowhunters texting  by demilh
Shadowhunters texting by demilh
Under Editing!!!! What if the characters from Shadowhunters send eachother texts. I don't own the characters. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hello everyone, My name is Demi, i'm from Hol...
//tododeku angst\\ by hanakwoo
//tododeku angst\\by hanakwoo
Izuku hates his life and is depressed but before he could end with everything someone finds him, stops him and helps him to be happy again...but... maybe that someone be...
TharnType (one shot) by RoseM82
TharnType (one shot)by Rose🌹
Ceci n'est pas une traduction du roman, ou une réécriture de la série Je suis tout simplement en maque de cette série, et je n'arrête pas de la regarder ! J'ai parfois e...
The umbrella academy  by iitsalison
The umbrella academy by iitsalison
Eres TN/ tienes 14 años cuando tenias 12 años te integraste a la academia de umbrella academy done fuiste creciendo con 7 maravillosos hermanos todos con talentos especi...
skam (english/swedish) by avgudad
skam (english/swedish)by kallamigvadduvill
Dating *** would include... Chris Schistad, William Magnusson, Isak Valtersen, Jonas Noah Vasquez, Even Bech Næsheim, Noora Amalie Sætre, Eva Kviig Mohn etc (:
¡Sin ti no existo! (Número Cinco) (The Umbrella Academy) by Nicol_Ana-
¡Sin ti no existo! (Número Cinco) Nicol_Ana-
---------- -Mi vida se destrozó cuando te fuiste pues mi amado Cinco ¡Sin no existo! Y no existiré -La mía terminó al saber que no volvería a verte pero míranos ahora e...
𝖨𝖬𝖠𝖦𝖨𝖭𝖤 🌙 by camiix1907
𝖨𝖬𝖠𝖦𝖨𝖭𝖤 🌙by c a m
Ici se trouve des imagines sur des personnages de séries, de films, des célébrités, etc... COMMANDE OUVERTE
Mein Zitate-Buch by BibisMindPalace
Mein Zitate-Buchby BibisMindPalace
Eine kleine Sammlung von Zitaten aus Büchern, Filmen, Serien und allem was mir sonst noch einfällt... Hauptsächlich mache ich das hier für mich, aber ich denke so ein Bu...
tom holland gif serie <3 {1} by yeahiwritefanfiction
tom holland gif serie <3 {1}by justagirlwhowritesfanfiction
Just read it if you like gifseries and tom holland 😻🙈
Et si ... by MissMarine06
Et si Christelle Laurent
Nouveau concept : réinventer la série en changeant l'histoire ... et si les évènements avaient été différents ... et si telle chose s'était passée autrement .. et si ...
𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒅𝒊𝒔𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉  ⇢ jj maybank by sophiathebohemian
𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒅𝒊𝒔𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒉 soph
❝ Paradise is different for everyone, J. ❞ ❝ So paradise for you isn't going to a luxury resort in the bahamas? ❞ ❝ FYI: no. I'm not some stuck-up K...
Niall Girls 4 // text posts by niallsfluorescence
Niall Girls 4 // text postsby olivia
tumblr textposts #4 niall girls series
Meus Pensamentos Fora De Série by centralbiafanfics
Meus Pensamentos Fora De Sérieby Biafanfics❤️
Sinopse (ENCERRADA) Me nome é Isabela Souza se sou muito famosa muito depois que gravei a série Bia fiquei muito famosa se continuo falando com o elenco sim ;mais sei qu...
Fireman Sam: The firefighter competition by Audreyly18
Fireman Sam: The firefighter Audreyly18
Firefighter Sam lives in a small village in Pontypandy. Sam and his colleagues spend their lives every day saving people. One day they get news of a firefighting race th...
Attack On Titan CRACK by burninbarbecue
Attack On Titan CRACKby burninbarbecue
No need for a description. It's crack. Just read it.Go ahead.Click the read button.I'm watching you.
Shadow & light / Shirbert au by shirbertslaysme
Shadow & light / Shirbert auby Lou 🌹
Anne Shirley, a rich girl that lives in a big house with her parents. They need someone to help them with the farm so they get Gilbert Blythe. Anne and Gilbert spend a c...
Headcanon Skrzydła Ognia by SHTriangle
Headcanon Skrzydła Ogniaby SHTriangle
Tutaj będę wstawiać przetłumaczone headcanony z uniwersum Skrzydeł Ognia, a także dzielić się swoimi. Będę również co jakiś czas dodawała nowości ze świata Skrzydeł Ogni...