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The Secret Passage: Dark Forest  by Missbloodyluna
The Secret Passage: Dark Forest by Luvien🌙
A Secret Passage that rare people can see it. If you saw that Secret Passage, then you have something special in you. See it by yourself and you find out what is in ther...
Annabella and the Mysterious House by princessgoogoo
Annabella and the Mysterious Houseby princessgoogoo
A girl is dropped off to stay with a nice old lady at a old house that appears to be haunted. Having to stay there for five days, the girl is able to discover clues to w...
A Look Through the Devil's Eye by JediAriaYT
A Look Through the Devil's Eyeby JediAriaYT
A Story About Two Girls Who experiences Difficulties in Life and try to help each other. I hope you guys enjoy my story.
The Modern Mage by Longbottom3581
The Modern Mageby Longbottom3581
Jack is a boy who is walking in the woods when he discovers he is a mage, but can only tell people who believe in magic. His mother and father can't find out, or they wi...
The Flower Squad: Mystery Of The Secret Passage by Asna29saqib
The Flower Squad: Mystery Of The The 4 Friends
The T.H.C (Treasure Hunt Contest) is about to begin! The friends decide to take part in it but their opponents are very clever. When their opponents swap the real map wi...
Adventures in Lucky Charm Land by Pandapolarbear3237
Adventures in Lucky Charm Landby Pandapolarbear3237
Three friends discover a world of adventure in Lucky Charm Land. This world is full of magic and time has a different meaning. Along the way they meet knew friends that...
Rachael and the Secret Wings. by PrincessPoppy112
Rachael and the Secret PrincessPoppy112
Young 16 year old Rachael finds a Secret Passage in her old rusty barn beside her pigs pen. Wilbur is the pigs name.
Sikretong Lagusan by Cessy_baee
Sikretong Lagusanby Cessyyyy!
"Someone, Please... Save me. Get me out of here, I wan't to go back." -Skylor "I thought you're different, but I'm wrong, I trusted you yet you wasted it...
Raising Hope and Faith by lovetobeunique
Raising Hope and Faithby lovetobeunique
Two girls are born to be heroes someday. They're twins. Twins with special abilities, and little do they know that they have the power to change life and death. They pro...
Dreams (On Hold) by somiwtp
Dreams (On Hold)by somiwtp
Highest rank #797 out of 45.6K stories in dreams The time has come For she has returned To the place of mist and evil, Here she comes to serve her people With the grea...