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I will help others, even if others cannot help me. SCP reader x SCP foundation by UniteTogether
I will help others, even if UniteTogether
After your sister became really sick, your life turned around by 180 degrees. You didn't have the best childhood, so her illness only made it worse. You wanted to dissap...
Crosstesting permitted [SCP-049xSCP-XXX] by PatzeShaymin
Crosstesting permitted [ Jeyawue
The SCP foundation captured a new SCP that seems to be somewhat the reversed version of SCP-049, the plague doctor. Crosstesting permitted for further research. ------- ...
SCP-049 x SCP!Reader by _CosmicBlizzard_
SCP-049 x SCP!Readerby Xx¢σѕмι¢вℓιzzαя∂xX
Normally his touch hurts others, but why does his end up doing the opposite and heal you? Why do you keep having horrible episodes of migraines that may drive you insane...
We Are The Same. (SCP-1471-A x Male Reader) by ABCPleasestopit
We Are The Same. (SCP-1471-A x ExoDus291
|| STORY ON HOLD || Y/N, a 18 year old student decides to download an application named Mal0 V.1.0.0. This is his story about survival, betrayal and trust. Warning: Yeah...
Into The Depths by Superstitious_Oddity
Into The Depthsby Odey
What happens if you mix the Scp foundation and Bendy and the Ink Machine? You get this. Keep in mind I'm a slow writer, and I'm doing 2000 words per chapter. It could ta...
The luaghing immortal (powerful Immortal male reader X SCP foundation) by tinystores
The luaghing immortal (powerful TinyStoties
You are an immortal who seen it all, the start of creation, the birth of humans and even some "Scp" and all the wars plus the crazy humanity endings. You were...
Hard to destroy human (SCP story) by RandomFanofGayness
Hard to destroy human (SCP story)by Baby_Lesbo
This is my own fun little SCP story, my own character is SCP-700. A teenage girl who doesn't remember why or how she got into the containment center. All she wants is to...
Scp-035 x Reader by Satanscaprisun
Scp-035 x Readerby ⛓ 丂 卂 Ҝ ㄩ ⛓
You are a 23 year old researcher at the Scp Foundation. You get bored quickly at your new job. You don't have much to do, since you have to study there for 2 months, to...
Scp 666-0 by faithtale
Scp 666-0by Scourge of Hell
When the doom guy is tethered into the scp universe it is time to rip n tare!
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SCP X Child Reader OneShots[✔︎] by kokoabeanie
SCP X Child Reader OneShots[✔︎]by Koko
Oh my gosh, so original! Totally not inspired by other stories, i just think that like there is not much of this stories in wattpad. Might as well write this while list...
Containment ( SCPs x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Containment ( SCPs x child reader)by Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't quite the same as everyone else, they have been abused all their life until a kind scientists brings them to a strange foundation, everything's fine unt...
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Readerby raku.
[ONGOING] SCP Foundation Site #21, has been breached. Missing: 049, 096, 173, 1471 (Y/N), a college student. He always had normal everyday life. Until of course... someo...
Where Demons Fear to Tread (Various SCP x reader) by MightyMox
Where Demons Fear to Tread ( Mighty Mox
The newest member of D-class personnel is transferred to the dreaded SCP Foundation facility. With your condition you don't expect to last long, but fate may have other...
Blutrotes Rosenmeer (SCP-953 x "Nine Tailed Fox" OP MTF Squad Leader (Reader)) by BB-Hime
Blutrotes Rosenmeer (SCP-953 x " Battleship Demon
You are the weakest person in the Foundation and are bullied and insulted by everyone. At some point this gets to your head and you want to get out of the foundation. On...
1471 by YourDailyBagel
1471by Fr e sh B æ g l
A fanfic about two creatures, different from one another, but yet very alike. The story follows up on a normal person, named Dave, stumbling upon an animal looking creat...
- Two Boys Of A Kind - (SCP AU) by SimplySimpinq
- Two Boys Of A Kind - (SCP AU)by SimplySimpinq
Site-LM10 shared with Site-DT20, both research and staff. Two SCP's come along, changing everything, escapes, and insanity. How will the site contain these two? (I am so...
Can you change my heart? Scp 953 x Reader by UniteTogether
Can you change my heart? Scp 953 UniteTogether
You were always interested in SCP world, even when everybody near you was saying, that it doesn't exist. After an unknown man offers you a job in a foundation, where the...
『you』Scp-49 x Scp!Reader by SylveonEnthusiast
『you』Scp-49 x Scp!Readerby Upside-Down Plant
You are an scp. Secure, contain, protect. Tch, right. You're called SCP-3042, your real name is (Y/N), though. You are a shape shifter. Well kind of. Your molecules and...
The SCP Foundation by Umbrano
The SCP Foundationby Umbrano
[Database Authorisation Required] . . . [Authorisation Granted] A group of college students have been abducted and forced to work in the seemingly fictional organisation...
"Deadly" Love (Dr Jack Bright X Reader) by HoneyBitch29
"Deadly" Love (Dr Jack Bright X Honey Bitch
Hi, if you were here when the plot was you got job at foundation then I'm so fucking sorry. I didn't mean to write like this. The real plot was about Scp (you) accident...