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(Un)Royal by victoria2herondale
(Un)Royalby victoria2herondale
Evelyn Johnson lebt mit ihren Siebzehn Jahren in Austin, Texas. Sie hat ein normales Leben bis zu dieser einen Nacht wo die Polizei sie aus dem Bett klingelt um ihr zu s...
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Perfectly Fragile  by GingeAsh22
Perfectly Fragile by GingeAsh22
Freedom was my dream. Freedom to live Freedom to breath Freedom to belong But he made sure my freedom was his to keep. One day I will have my wish either in reality or d...
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A Matter Of Heart by EkyHandayani
A Matter Of Heartby Eky Handayani
Anya Hailey had been secretly harbouring a feeling over Ethan Dawson, a man she met when she accidentally bumped her head to his in one windy day. Hardly that she knew E...
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Cross Me | Jordan Royal Family Fanfiction  by ThelovelyAngels
Cross Me | Jordan Royal Family Jðïñ† Ä¢¢ðµñ†
In which the Crown Prince of Jordan has found the girl of his dreams and desires to protect the girl he loves. Started | Wednesday, 13 November 2019 Published | Wednesd...
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TRS #3 : Leonardo & Juliet by beyondlocks
TRS #3 : Leonardo & Julietby Janice Martana
Leonardo Nielsen The future King of Denmark and he's so eager to take over the throne quickly. His hobby is reading about politics, economy and social related books. He'...
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Princess Niari by Chocochibi
Princess Niariby choco_late~
Married to another country.Break rules. Be nice. Become Queen. Then Choose Not To Be Queen She was a nice gentle and generous person. She considered herself to be unluck...
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Reagan: The Royal Sinners  by freakyme28
Reagan: The Royal Sinners by DzaeIt'sme
We committed sins. Sins that we embrace... Sins that full of regrets... Sins that choice is the only way to do.... To follow, to be told so, or being trapped between cho...
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Royally pierced (taekook) by taeeeekookiiiee
Royally pierced (taekook)by Mizu Chan
in a world where you're socially and economically identified by how many piercings you have, the more you have the socially low you are, by having less piercings means t...
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Unexpected Fiance by SelviMohan
Unexpected Fianceby Thamarai Selvi
Can love be arranged? This is a story about how love unfolds between an arrogant rich heir and a free spirit young girl who were matched by an AI program.
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My Truth My Fire [Third Part in My Hate My Love series] [Lesbian] by vampirepixiexx
My Truth My Fire [Third Part in Kyrah
War has broken out between countries and when Oriel has to make a risky trip to the battlefield she's given a new personal bodyguard. Ash who is away on assignment is fi...
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Forbidden Love (Camren) by hotsinglesinyourarea
Forbidden Love (Camren)by Kylie
What happens when a Queen falls in love with a warrior? To be exact a Royal Commander. Camila - a Queen who devotes herself for her nation but finds love in a woman and...
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Royals(continued In Another Version Of The Story) by Jscott9
Royals(continued In Another Jscott9
A Royal Vampire deals with the likes of humans in a vampire supremacy who will be able to bring down the tyrannical dictators?
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My Hope My Heart (Lesbian Story) by vampirepixiexx
My Hope My Heart (Lesbian Story)by Kyrah
(Sequel to My Hate My Love)The werewolf threat has ended and now with the new law, Oriel can finally be with Ashton and pursue a career in ice skating but when she runs...
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Protector by MarshaAnn18
Protectorby MarshaAnn18
When men were at war the Gods sent down royals to protect the very grounds the earth was made. for each Royal one protector was chosen and blessed by the Gods to make su...
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ᴡʀᴀᴛʜᴇ by unrancid
ᴡʀᴀᴛʜᴇby ✩
Test subject E19 can't remember anything before the reformatory. As he's forced to fight to the death against other children, he learns about the reformatory's true purp...
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Fragmented Crown  by Lovelybre103
Fragmented Crown by Lovelybre103
Ariella is the last born female in her ward, Seon, one of 5 poverty stricken sectors in the Kingdom of Theru. Throughout her whole life, this fact has kept her contained...
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Cahira by stories_by_kay
Cahiraby Kay Robs
Heir to the Ward family throne, Cahira is a mere sixteen years of age as she is preparing for her reign over Agnalonia. Her sixteenth year is also the year her world ch...
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Royal Intentions: The Instagram by TheJustinsGirlfriend
Royal Intentions: The Instagramby SHAN:)
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The Raven: Blood of The Heaven by Bohemain
The Raven: Blood of The Heavenby A. A. Bohemain
How do the forsaken ones live? Ever wondered those who are born with such darkness welcome To the forgotten kingdom of the underworld the small vampire kingdom of Virthi...
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Whisp by Moonlight10198
Whispby Jay Williams
Lady Gabrielle Hainsley is just beginning her first Season at Feugholt castle. The competition is stiff, but perhaps she can find a few friends in the frenzy of debutant...
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