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A Burning Rejection by Realityunknown
A Burning Rejectionby Charlie
{Completed} Jessie Brown once had a normal life, a normal family, friends and a pack. But a hurricane swept over her life and completely turned everything upside down. S...
Sir Alpha (Completed) by Pinklips0095
Sir Alpha (Completed)by pinkLips
Alpha Damon Storm is the Alpha of the Dawson pack the largest pack in America. Hes feared by everyone and nobody ever stands up to him and he likes it that way. Alpha St...
The Alpha by Burge2k14
The Alphaby Burge2k14
Book #1 in the Soulmate Series 7 years ago, Ellie was rejected by her mate. Under the threat of death, she was forced to flee with her mate's child still growing inside...
Frozen by ihatemylifekillmesdt
Frozenby ihatemylifekillmesdt
Mercy has lived in the arenas, practically her whole life. She was made to fight shred and kill.But what happens when a pack ends the arena's illegal fighting, only to h...
The Alpha's House ✔️ by Onceuponan_everafter
The Alpha's House ✔️by Onceuponan_everafter
Penelope Lewis' life was changed when she found her parents murdered. Her brother quickly took her to "safety." While hiding away in a cottage her brother beca...
Not His Daughter  by samelia20
Not His Daughter by Sam
Haley is a shy girl who became mute after her parents were murdered. She lives with her childhood neighbors who have to move to a different state. Will she adjust to thi...
His Alpha  by WorldWriter_1
His Alpha by 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝙼
{COMPLETED} [BOYxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'His' Series: I was tired and the pain rose up again. "....tian, Seb....." voices kept on fading out. I tried to know wha...
My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED) by Elizabethbloodstorm
My Best Friends Brother is my E. Louise
Book 1 On a werewolfs sixteenth birthday, they finally are granted the senses to seek out their mate. Alyssa and Amy have been friends all their life. Alyssa, the eldest...
MY HUMAN ( BXB )by Spalancey
Trevor Harrington is a normal human boy of 18yrs old with three brothers and a 10yrs old nephew living a not so normal lives because his two twin brothers are werewolves...
Rejected by XxxGraysonxxX
Rejectedby Grayson
Xavier Dallas has always dreamed about her mate. Sure she wasn't the prettiest of them all. Acne, braces, and flat chested. Her family always supported her though, alway...
My Second Chance Mate Is The Hybrid King by CarlisiaRobinson
My Second Chance Mate Is The Carlisia Robinson
Warning: Extremely Childish and not put together at ALL . If you want to continue reading, go ahead but I warned you! ❤️ "I , Alec Red , future beta of the Red Wood...
The Mark of an Alpha {Book 1}✔ by J_Quinonez91
The Mark of an Alpha {Book 1}✔by Judith
[COMPLETE] Alpha. When you hear that word most of you think of a ruthless and physically strong man. Well, what if I told you that in this story the alpha is completely...
Peter Parker & The Avengers oneshots - 2 by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers StoriesFan102
Oneshots of Peter and his unescapable vortex of a family This is book No. 2 so head onto my account to find the first one if you wish. /// Also main ships with Peter wil...
Alpha by 0HannahGrace0
Alphaby Hannah
"Who are you?" She demanded, proud that she had managed to sound so assertive. But, that didn't last for long. Suddenly, Annabelle was yanked into the shadows...
My Broken Queen by leahiscrazy999
My Broken Queenby Leahiscrazy999
Jaxson King is the King of all Alphas and is looking for his mate. Carolina the worthless Omegel doesn't even think she is worthy of have a mate. Carolina never got to...
My Protective Alpha Mate by CharlotteMichelle96
My Protective Alpha Mateby Charlotte Michelle
"Karma..." He muttered. I looked over at him as he smiled to himself. "Is a bitch. And so are you!" I joked. Aiden glanced up at me and glared before...
Batman's Second Greatest Failure (F!Red Hood X Author) by Markahomie
Batman's Second Greatest Failure ( Markahomie
Alex Wayne, The Third Robin. Batman's first Blood Son. After the death of his best friend Jaycin Todd he was determined to honor his best friend. He donned an all Red An...
His Special Mate by Fazzy_writes
His Special Mateby Fazzy_writes
" You do as I say because you fucking belong to me " he barked at me. I was really bad at hiding my feelings so I knew that he could see my tears swell up in m...
The Alpha and The Enforcer [TATE] by Ixxyboo
The Alpha and The Enforcer [TATE]by Ixxyboo
She was rejected by her mate His mate died in a fire She went strong cold after her rejection He went crazy after the fire She's a warrior He's an Alpha Two extraord...
Abuse and Rejected Completed by kim110176
Abuse and Rejected Completedby Kimbe
Today is my birthday but there is none to share it with me, I threw out of my pack by my family and what I thought were my friends. I have been out on my own for six mo...