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I'm sorry Sam (Riu x Broolk) by Sammydaboi
I'm sorry Sam (Riu x Broolk)by Sammydaboi
There were 5... 2 of them were twins, Natsuki and Sam.... they met 2 people.... Broolk and Riu.... then there was SCM (some club member)... Broolk married Natsuki.... S...
romance en el instituto by estefiari2005
romance en el institutoby estefiari2005
esta historia trata sobre una chica que se mudo a japón y se integro en un nuevo instituto donde hay muchos chicos lindos y chicas amigables la protagonista se llama Luc...
Vivid by ChellaBellaBurry
Vividby Chella
This is a story about a girl named Ariana and how she found herself in an unknown world. She met Clarent, her savior and for the moment the only person who can answer he...
The Goddess And Her Disciples. by Slavia1001_
The Goddess And Her Disciples.by Slavia1001_
Riu Akashi. An absolute prodigy. Wins every game in basketball. Zone tamer. Nationally ranked #1 in Japan. Powerhouse overflow. The Goddess of Basketball. (This is Teik...
Shi dobutsu by FannyBoucly
Shi dobutsuby Fanny Boucly
Quatre amis forment le groupe les shi dobutsu. Un jour ils rencontrèrent une veille dame qui voulait découvrir leur secret. Mais que va-t-il leur arriver? Vont-ils s'en...
Kotlc Ships Oneshots by WonderAvocado3
Kotlc Ships Oneshotsby Wonder
So a bunch of other Wattpad users and I wrote these oneshots, and we wanted to post them! These ships include some ships only on rp, for example, Tamcat. Hope you enjoy!
Little words Of Him  by molihua8889
Little words Of Him by Molly_styx
Богинхон боловч сэтгэл шингэсэн захиаг минь чи уншчихжээ.
Join Riu Ahnanan in her journey to the mega cities in India. While the bliss leaves her mind blown, she encounters with a devil from the past-Vidith Nair. Would the jour...
[Hiatus]Kimetsu no Yaiba - One-Shots by KyuChan_
[Hiatus]Kimetsu no Yaiba - One-Sho...by KyuChan
Since I've always wanted to do this, and my readers encouraged me to do this one. It finally happened! 🐗~~~~~~~~~⚡️ ...
The Hearts Brothers by minnistories
The Hearts Brothersby Minnie DeLume
It all starts when twin brothers Sora and Roxas are taken by their caretakers Donald and Goofy on a summer vacation, however a wrench is thrown into the works of their l...