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My Stepmother by erickaxzjk_
My Stepmotherby VictoriaJosefa
100% FANFICTION.... ito ay story lamang at wag totohanin kung sensitive ka wag mo na lang basahin thanks ❤️
Pabrik Tempat Mandi Mayat di  Muruk Rian by kuniarwanmam
Pabrik Tempat Mandi Mayat di Muru...by kuniarwanmam
Pabrik Tempat Mandi Mayat di Muruk Rian
Trâu già gặm cỏ non xưa rồi Bây giờ cỏ non gặm trâu già cơ 2021/12/21 #Rian
Harga Kain Penutup Keranda Muruk Rian by gopujuviru
Harga Kain Penutup Keranda Muruk R...by gopujuviru
Harga Kain Penutup Keranda Muruk Rian
Bottoms up [merrikat] by zacksjacket
Bottoms up [merrikat]by Alex
Growing up every adult tells you drinking is bad. It's all don't drink you will destroy your liver but you can bet they did the same thing you do. You can bet that they...
Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver Sykes by RecklessMartinez
Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver...by Mae
Amelia Taylor was a normal girl living in Australia until she met, him. Oliver Sykes, a cocky, rude, arrogant boy who teases Amelia every chance he gets. Once Oli moves...
Damned If I Do Ya [An All Time Low Fanfic] by UnactiveHF
Damned If I Do Ya [An All Time Low...by Not Active!
Hollys been abandoned and has learned to fend for herself from a young age. But with a dark past, can she really open up to her favourite guitarist Jack Barakat and his...
[AlexGaskarth] You're Not The Only One by bohncore
[AlexGaskarth] You're Not The Only...by Sydney
OVERDOSE (noun); a lethal amount that can cause death SUICIDE (noun); the act of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally He’s gone. Those two words, two word...
Thanks To You || Alex Gaskarth by lexyloveee
Thanks To You || Alex Gaskarthby lexy
Alex Gaskarth can't seem to keep it together. His girlfriend left him and now, he's watching his life fall apart around him as his anxiety takes over. When everything be...
Soulmate  (The First love of the bad boy) by Snow_328
Soulmate (The First love of the b...by Snow_328
Rian Rathore, the rich bad-boy fallen for a beautiful sweet young lady Kinjal Bhandari. Changed himself for her love. But she hated him for giving society a reason to q...
The Hustler [Alex Gaskarth] by cancelledwhatever
The Hustler [Alex Gaskarth]by xoe
Alex Gaskarth was a hot fucking mess when his girlfriend, Sammy, left him. His bandmates tried anything and everything they could think of to pull him out of his deep, d...
So... Friday At Noon? by thatsucksmonkey
So... Friday At Noon?by Lauren
Jack is Rian's teacher, and Alex is Rian's big brother. When Alex goes to a meeting at school he gets more than he expected.
Long Live Us: Sequel to Therapy by dreamxinspire
Long Live Us: Sequel to Therapyby dreamxinspire
Sarah is living her dream. Getting to tour with her own band has been a blast, but one tour in particular may make her change her mind. What happens when fate brings her...
Rian x Gurjin one shots (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) by uglywormo
Rian x Gurjin one shots (The Dark...by Rian's Left Boot
I don't like the first chapter! I suggest you start at the second despite it being poorly written! REMEMBER I TAKE REQUESTS! :))
I'm No Fool [Alex Gaskarth] (Watty Awards 2013!) by TigerChick_
I'm No Fool [Alex Gaskarth] (Watty...by Laura
Violet has been blind since she was nineteen thanks to a car accident which damaged her eyes permanently. After being shunned by her home town, she moved away to Baltimo...
All Time Low Imagines by WroteItUpsideDown
All Time Low Imaginesby WroteItUpsideDown
These are all the imagines I write about All Time Low Band Members. You can read imagines for Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack. Most of them are Band member x OC. OC's can hav...
Manage me, I'm a mess (Rian Dawson/All Time Low) by smilingateverythingx
Manage me, I'm a mess (Rian Dawson...by alice
Charlie meets a mysterious guy at a mascaraed ball, but with the main rule of the party being that you cannot take your mask off; will she ever find him again?
All Time Low [Imagines & Preferences] by vengeances
All Time Low [Imagines & Preferenc...by vengeances
completed as of 2016
Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarth by dreamxinspire
Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarthby dreamxinspire
Sarah Dawson is a 19-year-old girl about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure--touring with All Time Low! Her brother Rian is the drummer for the band and Sarah h...