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It Started With A Kick (Magi: Ren Koumei/OC) by DreamsDoComeTrue
It Started With A Kick (Magi: Arissa 💫
"The first time we met, he tried to kill me." "The second time we met, she kicked me in the balls." "The third time we met was in front of the...
Magi: Hiraeth by lilyofthelamplight_
Magi: Hiraethby ☆
"Even the mightiest of kings fall once forced to the edge." The longing for a place you called home that never was yours, is the most painful form of lonelines...
Fate by kirariidol
Fateby kirariidol
In the far eastern continent laid the infamous, imperial Kou Empire. Its land stretched farther than any other and its seas reaching out to the farthest kingdoms. They b...
An Arranged Marriage by TooKawaiiTooLive
An Arranged Marriageby Rifa
You never expected your father to give you away as the bride for the first prince of Kou, Ren Kouen. You'd never even met, let alone seen the man but now you were alrea...
magi | various x reader by _roxi07_
magi | various x readerby #jaxie♥
|| DISCONTINUED || 【Friends are like balloons. Once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm going to tie you to my heart so I'll never lose you!】...
"A Mermaid's Wish" (Ren Kouen X Reader)(Complete) by CheekyLittleBunny
"A Mermaid's Wish" (Ren Kouen X シ︎𝑀𝑜𝑟𝑖 𝐾𝑖𝑚 𝐿𝑒𝑒シ︎
This is the story about a young beautiful mermaid who is the only one who survive at the sudden attack by the unknown enemy many years ago..she was just living in a cave...
Magi: The Adventures Of (F/Name) by aida-cchi
Magi: The Adventures Of (F/Name)by miekocchi
[ magi x reader ] A girl named (F/Name) entered the country of Balbadd to help with her brothers trading, but on the way to the hotel Sinbad always stays at, she meets A...
Heal the Pain (Kouen X Fem!Reader){HIATUS} by Asteria34
Heal the Pain (Kouen X Fem!Reader) Asteria
A village in flames. War outbreaks. Death in every corner. You? In pain. But the First Prince does not care for such trivial things. Or does he?
delicate || solomon jehoahaz abraham by hakujoudai
delicate || solomon jehoahaz AREN'T YOU TIRED OF BEING NICE
delicate could describe a lot of things. delicate was the way he touched you and the way he seemed to speak to you but your love for each other was bright and anything b...
Trust  by eff_off
Trust by High class nerd
Fairy Tail betrayed her. She knew that she was weak, she knew that she was useless, but she always tried harder, she always did better than before. Yet the guild that s...
Rens React to Ships by Baeks-Glasses
Rens React to Shipsby ☁ ✈ Planes Travels Fast ✈ ☁
The Rens from Kou react to ships. It's what you think is gonna go down. - Ren Kouen - Ren Koumei - Ren Kouha - Ren Kougyoku - Ren Hakuei - Ren Hakuryuu Occasionally Juda...
۞Appetence۞ |Sinbad|Kouen| by fianna2452
۞Appetence۞ |Sinbad|Kouen|by fianna2452
Things were never supposed to be so complicated. When had their lives become so intertwined? When had she become so reliant? When had she become someone she never wanted...
Nunca murió el amor. by Quetzaly11
Nunca murió el QuetzalyJaeger
Ren Kouen siempre había pensado. "Si es esta persona, no importa que tan difíciles las cosas se pongan, yo me podre apoyar en él y sostenerme fuerte" "Si...
Legend of Ren Kouyo 练红尤传 by JocelynVongola
Legend of Ren Kouyo 练红尤传by JocelynVongola
Magi x Yona of the Dawn 魔奇少年 x 晨曦公主 Ren Kouyo, child of Ren Kouen and Yona. He is a member of Ren family and also a descendant of god dragon- King Hiryuu. He heard abou...
One Hundred Whispers by chione-chama
One Hundred Whispersby shuuenka
[Ren Kouen x Reader] Fate repeatedly jolts around, shuttling back and forth, tightly gripping you and me. One hundred loud whispers. /drabble challenge/
Magi Kouen x Emotionless!OC by PersassiusJackson420
Magi Kouen x Emotionless!OCby Fiore 48
Nala is the emotionless royal Sindrian librarian who can't even dream until she meets Ren Kouen of the Kou Empire. Nala can also use the elements as pure magic instead o...
Soulmates by LadyRogersStark
Soulmatesby Mrs. Rogers-Stark
« Él llegó una tarde y puso mi mundo de cabeza » Todo comenzó cuando ese extraño papel de adopción llegó hasta sus manos. La familia Ren recibiría dentro de su hogar dos...
Unexpected (Ren Kouen x OC) Magi by Akaniha
Unexpected (Ren Kouen x OC) Magiby Akaniha
My name is Hong Lijuan, I came from country of Xin. I HATE men who thinks that they are better than women. I hate them! I hate them so much, there is no way I can ever s...
Their war in Our world by deeyoo
Their war in Our worldby Reea
The Rukh controls everything and the rukh is magic. But what happens when the right holders of this magic come back for their revange. One god against a thousand, one li...