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Natsuki Subaru The Anti Knight by Kingkari_vines
Natsuki Subaru The Anti Knightby Kingkari_vines
Natsuki Subaru was just a normal boy just going out to get a bite to eat until he was randomly summoned to another world where he died and watched his friends died multi...
Starting life in this stupid world by Genos_sans
Starting life in this stupid worldby After tale sans
Basically a male Alucard reader x re zero. I do not own any pictures or videos I may or may not use in this book or either anime
Subaru of the gluttony (re zero x berserk of gluttony)(slow Update) by shadowking9589
Subaru of the gluttony (re zero Yoni Lopez
Subaru is Isekaied but not in the city of Lagunaca but somewhere beyond the great waterfall also a quick side note Subaru is going to end being older than Emilia read a...
Re:Zero Cast Watching Natsuki Subaru's Adventure to Death by GoldenFang17
Re:Zero Cast Watching Natsuki GoldenFang17
After being transported into another world, Natsuki Subaru has gone through all kinds of pain and died many times but still returned to life for a very enigmatic reason...
Death Note: Light x Reader: Rule With Me by NekoM_
Death Note: Light x Reader: Rule 実春 ⁂╰( • ω • ✿)
|| COMPLETED || For a reason that you could not figure it out, you really admired Kira--the world-famous killer who kills the unkind people with an unknown strategy. O...
Death Note One Shots [HIATUS][Editing] by LivingLikeKillers
Death Note One Shots [HIATUS][ - ̗̀ 🍒 ˎˊ˗
One shots for the cast of death note! DISCLAIMER: I do not own death note, death note characters or the original plot of death note. [Under Editing] This book includes:...
Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Reader)[COMPLETED] by kissing_kasanoda
Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Era Hatter
"Tell me, Ryuk, what were you before you became a shinigami?" Five months after the death of Light Yagami. Ryuk is bored and wants apples until you come along...
Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World as the Future Pirate King by Blazer62
Re:Zero - Starting Life in Blazer62
Monkey D. Luffy, the man who aimed to conquer the Grandline to become the king of pirates, found himself somewhere different, somewhere unfamiliar without the rest of hi...
The Witch's Child (Re:zero) by filip1500
The Witch's Child (Re:zero)by Echidnabestgirl
I'm writing this fanfic, but i got really inspired by Re:zero Hour and The beast of despair from This is a what if Subaru went back to Zero, but with a l...
The Last Crusader(Ram X Male Stand User Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
The Last Crusader(Ram X Male Only The Snazziest
(Cover Art by DiamondFreddy29[]) (PREVIOUS COVER ART FOUND HERE: Season One Begins In Chapt...
The New Memeber (Dance With Devils x Reader) COMPLETED by creamepies
The New Memeber (Dance With Author-Chan
You're the new student council member Y/N L/N, the others don't know why, but you know full well why your here in the same room as many devils, a shapeshifter, and a fal...
The Shinigami Creator (Death Note Fanfic) by Kureiji_otaku
The Shinigami Creator (Death Psychotic Lover
I've always enjoyed drawing. I even enjoyed making up my friends. But I never thought that my friends would turn out to be the real deal. And I never thought I would be...
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Another World by GreenWarrior291
Kingdom Hearts: Saving Life in Ronaldo A Amaya
After having defeated Xehanort and managed to have saved Kairi from her fate, Sora disappears into a dark abyss of Darkness. Just as it seems like it'll be an endless sl...
Re:Zero Hour by Sora101Ven
Re:Zero Hourby Sora101Ven
**Story Includes Original Artwork!** --- AU-Fiction. Forgetting his most recent meeting with Echidna, Subaru is approached by Satella at his absolute lowest point. Being...
Re:ZERO; Ram:IF All-in-One (WIP) by DACHero
Re:ZERO; Ram:IF All-in-One (WIP)by DACHero
With Subaru being held at the Mathers' mansion after the eventful night at the loot house, he awakens to meet 2 maids that look surprisingly similar, minus their hair co...
Rem (Re:zero) x Male Reader - "Away From Reality, Close To Fantasy" by sebasnyanchi
Rem (Re:zero) x Male Reader - " The One That Procrastinates
It was a rainy day and along with Subaru, you got sucked into the world of fantasy.....with a curse. Unfortunately, you two are separated in time's dimension and was sen...
The Hybrid (Dance With Devils) by Melissa_Francis
The Hybrid (Dance With Devils)by Melissa
(Y/n) (L/n), a high school student at Shikō Academy. But she isn't just any ordinary student, she's the daughter of a Vampire and Devil. What would happen if the student...
Infinite possibilities in Re:Zero (Chaotic Gojō Satoru Reader) by Verinty
Infinite possibilities in Verinty
After dying and waking up in a dark room a young man meets God that offers him a chance to choose his story in another world, but this time around he gets to choose what...
You shoved me away, but I came back up stronger by cameronhellsworthias
You shoved me away, but I came Zyrus Isaiah Gabriel Borre
this is season 2 of from quirkless to world's strongest, looks like izuku is now in argent de nur how will he survive? find out soon as the journey continues
Re:Regulus Restarting From Zero With My Worst Enemy... by filip1500
Re:Regulus Restarting From Zero Echidnabestgirl
God, a supreme being that shouldn't be questioned, a being that surpasses any other being. At this point in time, this being that knows the answer to everything........w...