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The Youngest Lynch || R5 Fanfiction by R5LetsSmileTonight
The Youngest Lynch || R5 Fanfictionby Hello
***WARNING*** My grammar is the worst! But English isn't my first language and I was like 13 or 14 when I wrote this story so please don't comment that the grammar is ho...
Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart *Edited* by Crazy4R5_
Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart *...by Crazy4R5_
Ross and Mia have been together for a long time. They have three beautiful children together and have lived happily for many years. But what happens when everything come...
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1
R5's Little Sisterby AMarieV1
What would happen if R5 had a little sister? What if she ran away? What would happen to R5? What would happen to her? Follow R5's little sister Riley on the adventure sh...
My Foster Brothers || R5 Fanfiction by R5LetsSmileTonight
My Foster Brothers || R5 Fanfictionby Hello
Did you ever had that feeling that you're unwanted? Mila did, she moved from a foster family to another and to another. She never stayed at a family for more then 6 mont...
I Promised Myself (Ross Lynch Fan Fiction) by Crazy4R5_
I Promised Myself (Ross Lynch Fan...by Crazy4R5_
This story is about the roller coaster of a ride Edie and Ross have to go through to stay together. They say you'll never forget your first love. Edie and Ross have that...
I've Got Everything to Lose-*Sequel*-Ross Lynch by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
I've Got Everything to Lose-*Seque...by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
4 months ago, Natalie found out she was pregnant. Her life is about to change forever. Book 2 of 3
R5 Imagine Journal by OshmygoshR5
R5 Imagine Journalby OshmygoshR5
R5 one shots, imagines, and preferences! Request whatever you would like and I would be thrilled to write for you! :)
Life as a Lynch by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Life as a Lynchby -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Rhylee's 16 years old and is trying to live her life as "normal" as possible. She wants to make a name for herself, not just be known as Ross Lynch's daughter...
Adopted By R5 by emma_r125
Adopted By R5by Emma
Reagan is a 5 year old girl who was abused by her father until she got rescued by the orphanage. She's been there for a year and no one's adopted her. Until one day the...
R5 Imagines and Preferences (Complete) by Kaiqa_h
R5 Imagines and Preferences (Compl...by R5 Rikers Cali Girl
all about your favorite rockstars... R5. here you can find all my imagines, preferences, one shots etc. and they are all your choice. whatever you comment i write. hope...
Life with the lynches by kittycumber
Life with the lynchesby Riley nicole lynch
Riley Lynch is 14 and she is related to the lynches, yes the famous family band R5. usually shes the forgotten one because she cant play instruments like her brothers an...
R5 Imagines by Patti2905
R5 Imaginesby Patti
Just some random Imagines/One Shots and there might be some preferences as well. Imagines without [Name] in the title include all of R5. I am currently not taking reques...
Secretly I'm Crazy For U (R5 fan fiction) *EDITING IN PROGRESS* by StonerCar
Secretly I'm Crazy For U (R5 fan f...by Trinity Serafin
Nova is secretly in love with R5 but all her friends think she hates them. So when an opportunity arises where she can hang out with R5 for a week she jumps at the chanc...
Our Little Secret | R5 by Rossspinkunderwear
Our Little Secret | R5by Rossspinkunderwear
"Shes sort of...our little secret.."
Some Time Last Night: Ross Lynch  by rikerr5_updates
Some Time Last Night: Ross Lynch by rosslynchwashere
Bad Boy Ross meets the girl of his dreams. Does he blow his chance with her because if old habits? She changed him, he was happy and scared about that. Could she be the...
UNTITLED || R.M.L. by rockylynchxo
UNTITLED || R.M.L.by -gotcha-
Suits, smirks, and major sex appeal. PG-13.
Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5 by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Natalie is 16 years old. She lives in a small town in Ohio and doesn't have too many friends. She's in love with r5. She knows everything about them. When her mom gets r...
Risky Buisness (A Ross Lynch Story Book One) by KrystalRayne
Risky Buisness (A Ross Lynch Story...by ĸryѕтal rayne
"All this, the innocent flirting back and forth, was normally. Completely normal for us, and it never dawned on me till now. I always wanted to do it, but never wan...
Rydel Lynch's Twin Sister by lifehappens123
Rydel Lynch's Twin Sisterby Lyssa
Does Rydel Lynch have a twin sister or is she the only Lynch girl other than her mom. Will they be reunited if she has a twin. Read to find out.