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Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5 by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Natalie is 16 years old. She lives in a small town in Ohio and doesn't have too many friends. She's in love with r5. She knows everything about them. When her mom gets r...
I've Got Everything to Lose-*Sequel*-Ross Lynch by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
I've Got Everything to Lose-*Seque...by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
4 months ago, Natalie found out she was pregnant. Her life is about to change forever. Book 2 of 3
instagram - raura au by bealynxh
instagram - raura auby bea
where the disney-turned-netflix star publicly shows interest in an instagram model. Truly, a modern romance. *SOME MATURE LANGUAGE AT TIMES, SO READ AT YOUR OWN COST ~ ...
I Can't Forget You//Ross Lynch&R5 by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
I Can't Forget You//Ross Lynch&R5by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
When Chelsea goes to California for vacation, she runs into the Lynch's. She spends a lot of time with them and it's hard for her to leave when she goes back home.
Life with the lynches by kittycumber
Life with the lynchesby Riley nicole lynch
Riley Lynch is 14 and she is related to the lynches, yes the famous family band R5. usually shes the forgotten one because she cant play instruments like her brothers an...
Together ⌲ r.s.l by YIKESRYDEL
Together ⌲ r.s.lby yo.
Your life can change in a matter of seconds. Remember that.
Stay With Me-Ross Lynch by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Stay With Me-Ross Lynchby -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Natalie just woke up from a coma and moved back to California. Nothing that she thought happened over the past 2 years actually happened. She runs into Ross and he knows...
My Foster Brothers || R5 Fanfiction by R5LetsSmileTonight
My Foster Brothers || R5 Fanfictionby Hello
Did you ever had that feeling that you're unwanted? Mila did, she moved from a foster family to another and to another. She never stayed at a family for more then 6 mont...
Life as a Lynch by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Life as a Lynchby -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Rhylee's 16 years old and is trying to live her life as "normal" as possible. She wants to make a name for herself, not just be known as Ross Lynch's daughter...
Hidden Lynch•An R5 Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by bealynxh
Hidden Lynch•An R5 Fanfiction [COM...by bea
Ramona Roxy Lynch was your typical school girl who had a loving family and a best friend she could count on. But when a huge secret comes out, will everyone love her for...
R5 fanfic the forgotten Lynch twins  by Dreamer_Gurll
R5 fanfic the forgotten Lynch twin...by lying in the garden
This story is going to be about R5 and there twin siblings dealing with R5's fame and them leaving and going on there Sometime Last night tour lots of drama happen along...
Mosaic Broken Hearts-A Ross Lynch Story by lookatthemnow
Mosaic Broken Hearts-A Ross Lynch...by lookatthemnow
When 18-year old Nikki meets Ross Lynch after a show, there is an instant connection between the two of them. They must learn to balance a long distance relationship whi...
Love In London • a Ross Lynch Fanfic [Book 1] by Crazy_Girl_SA
Love In London • a Ross Lynch Fanf...by Crazy_Girl_SA
"You're so incredibly strong to be able to live through such a difficult life. If that's not the true definition of beauty - being that strong - then I don't know w...
R5 Imagine Journal by OshmygoshR5
R5 Imagine Journalby OshmygoshR5
R5 one shots, imagines, and preferences! Request whatever you would like and I would be thrilled to write for you! :)
All That for a Block ~ a raura au sequel  by bealynxh
All That for a Block ~ a raura au...by bea
HIGHEST RANKS ~ #2 in raurafanfiction (08/19/2021) God, I wish that you had thought this through before I went and fell in love with you. ~ "What if I loose you?&qu...
Living With R5 (Sequel to 'ABR5' Wattys 2015) by TheRumIsDyedBlue
Living With R5 (Sequel to 'ABR5' W...by Makenna, She/Her
A few months after, 6 year old, Peyton Rose Lynch finds out that her older brother is Ellington Lee Ratliff her world changes upside down. People start wanting to be he...
eleven // tpmd sequel ⌲ r.s.l by YIKESRYDEL
eleven // tpmd sequel ⌲ r.s.lby yo.
It's been months since Ross and Riley seen each other. They haven't even kept in touch. Since, Ross left that note for her, everything changed. Will they ever meet again...
My Cinderella Story by MeganPoff
My Cinderella Storyby Megan Poff
This is not a normal fairytale. This is in the present day and there is no magic in 2013. Unfortunately there are evil stepmothers and terrible stepsisters. My 'kingdom'...