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quickly transmigration bl 3 : The Villain's Counterattack   by koukou1234567
quickly transmigration bl 3 : koukou1234567
Zhou Xu, an interstellar military counselor, was selected by the "will not die in peace" system, and as a result, even though he had a great fear of pain, bega...
PUBG Online Romance of the Century by UuHhUhUhUh
PUBG Online Romance of the Centuryby _SENPAI_ambot_
As a new anchor of StarTV, Yu Yan's ruthless tr*sh-talk, natural rifle-shooting skills, and character of never searching houses earned him a big crowd of fans. He felt l...
Invisible Dragon by mycolourisgrey
Invisible Dragonby Totetsu
Everyone, I have finally decided to write~ Please read a lot~ The story's about the strongest dragon the invisible dragon moving to the other world... hehehe An invisibl...
The Pseudo-Kunoichi From a Different World by ImaginarySora
The Pseudo-Kunoichi From a ~ Sora ~
The 21-year-old Kagura Shino plays the role of a ninja in the ninja village's Ninja Show. In her spare time she engrosses herself in Sengoku Online, a game based on the...
They All Say I've Met a Ghost by nihongo20
They All Say I've Met a Ghostby nihongo20
Genre Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Slice of LifeSupernatural Author(s) Cyan Wings 青色羽翼 42 Chapters + 5 Extras (Completed) Description Hello, everyone! My name is Shen Jiang...
The Only Favourite Ugly Husband by manzia94
The Only Favourite Ugly Husbandby Devilish Girl Hri
Author : Jué Jué Chinese Novel Original Publisher : jjwxc Status: 178 Chapters + 2 Extras (Completed) Completely Translated : No Type : Web Novel (CN) Main Characters: M...
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife by TheDemonPrince_22
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wifeby Charlotte Fernandez
Qingfeng was known as the 'Wolf King', a legendary. mercenary that had mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medicine. He originally wanted to just...
My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero's by seleniea
My Status as an Assassin selene
Oda Akira, a high school student who excels in erasing his presence, was summoned along with his classmates to another world. In this world of sword and magic, Akira and...