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Procuring her by Force by maginary
Procuring her by Forceby maginary
~~~~~~ " Listen here David ," She said with her green eyes lit with anger, " You need to stop acting like a possesive man and let me breath." "...
Mr. Rude  by Afshanooorulain
Mr. Rude by Afshanooorulain
" what?" He snapped at me as he caught me staring at him "So-sorry sir i-i was zoned out" I stuttered god he is really handsome but rude aghhhh &quo...
Creed by CaptainAmerica_2000
Creedby CaptainAmerica_2000
Valerie Balboa is the one and only daughter of Rocky Balboa. A professional boxer, just like her father. She never had a fight without him in her corner. What happens wh...
Mr. Perfection vs Miss. Messy - Abhigya TS By CrazyMahiz.. (Completed) by crazymahiz
Mr. Perfection vs Miss. Messy - MAHII / CRAZY
He is a perfectionist.... She is a messy queen.... He wants everything to be in order... She always mixes up everything.... He values time and is way too professional i...
all that we have by tokillagenius
all that we haveby ab
17-year old Cassidy Arden is a soccer superstar at Hughes High in Denver, Colorado. A powerful forward with incredible speed and vision, her skill carries her team to ma...
Corbin Reinhardt imagines by its_yadisneygirl
Corbin Reinhardt imaginesby Miss Beanie
Just some imagines about your crazy talented free runner professional.
Full Contact by anne_luvs
Full Contactby Anne
Hockey. Charlotte Evans Hanson passionately loved the full-contact sport , following her dad's footsteps. After transferring from the football field medical assistant a...
Dually Devoted by playingwithinfinity
Dually Devotedby Vibha
"You made me, Arpita. And I don't know how else to tell you what you mean to me..." ****** Arpita- a calm, independent and smart woman, with a simple life; eve...
Bittersweet Pleasure by YourDearestJuliet
Bittersweet Pleasureby Juliet Rulona
Pleasure isn't all about the sweetest desires and fantasies. It isn't always the perfect blend of sugar, spices and everything nice because when one flavor goes wrong, a...
Road  Not  Taken by FatimaFizza
Road Not Takenby Fizza Fatima
Diya Mehra is the only daughter of neurologist Ashish Mehra and cardiologist Naina Mehra. Diya has no cousins, no aunts and no uncles because her parents are co incid...
Undisputed (A Boxing Story) by TyEnc28
Undisputed (A Boxing Story)by TyEnc28
"Sufferings can make you grow stronger, your not the only one who deserves to live in this world and be successful" -TyEnc28
Milky White by SyaSyaStorm
Milky Whiteby Thea Heisenberg
"Are you confident you can keep it a secret?" Eden asked me, sending his worth billions smile as he took a step forward. I leaned away from his burning yet lov...
Re - Kindle The Soul 💫 by Tarana_B
Re - Kindle The Soul 💫by Tarana B
******** Reader's Review "Your Stories are very Inspiring and Motivating. You write Fabulously.I love your writing style I Love.Your Stories. These Stories touched...
The Masked Reaper by RiceWritez
The Masked Reaperby ೃ .𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞࿐
Azure Learning Academy holds the most valuable students in their isolated school in an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines. The prestigious academy...
My Distraction by adugoebi
My Distractionby adugoebi
Love explains this story.Conditions are not all that matters. A little distraction is really not so bad.
{OPEN} Story Art Commissions by primal_eden
{OPEN} Story Art Commissionsby Tazz
Want something to spice up your story? Something to make it look unique? I draw everything from maps, to charactors in your choice of traditional art, or digital. If yo...
Oh! It's Professional! by cappuccino_cocoa
Oh! It's Professional!by bee
Based on two of the most 'professional' people I've known - Parth Samthaan & Niti Taylor - aka PaNi! _____________________________________ What happens when the air betw...
full count - mlb gif imagines by mlbabby
full count - mlb gif imaginesby mlbabby
requests open! gif imagines about your favorite baseball players! refer to the first chapter to request!
The Surfer's Heart *Process of Being Edited* by PlanetGinger
The Surfer's Heart *Process of Holly Jaye
Being one of the best surfer's in Hawaii is a title that Brooke Perez is determined to broaden. She wants to be the best surfer in the world. When a worldwide surfing co...