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A Threesome by Fear_and_loathing
A Threesomeby Fear_and_loathing
Meet June Haverly. She's you're average youtuber chick. She's a huge #Troyler shipper. She wants them to go cannon especially since they're practically showing her the...
Mr YouTube - l.s by 223NiallandMe
Mr YouTube - l.sby Charlotte
VidCon. Everything happened that weekend. That was the weekend I met him. The weekend I ran away from him. The weekend I fell for him. The sequel is now up! It's called...
I'm not safe here (Wroetoshaw/Minishaw) by Halkatlaa
I'm not safe here (Wroetoshaw/Mini...by Halkatlaa
Words can hurt just as much as your fist's do. emotional abuse is just as serious as physical abuse. It's never OK to intentionally hurt someone else. (covers abuse...
Dan Howell Imagines by depressedSummer
Dan Howell Imaginesby Summer
Dan howell imagines because he's daddy af. Warning, there is cringy smut and just cringy Imagines, enjoy. ?MY DAN HOWELL IMAGINES TWO IS OUT THIS BOOK IS FINISHED!? High...
Ease - Joe Sugg FanFiction by wildbliss
Ease - Joe Sugg FanFictionby Monika
Bethany Deyes, the youngest of the Deyes siblings, and the sibling no one really knew about. Bethany wasn't a fan of the YouTuber life and in order to stay out of the s...
Adopted by Zalfie by Mollsie1
Adopted by Zalfieby Youtube lover
What will 12 year old Megan think when she finds out she is getting Adopted By Zalfie...
The Catalyst | Joanne by buswellspesh
The Catalyst | Joanneby buswellspesh
*NOW COMPLETE* One moment, one phrase, one person. That's all it takes to change everything. A catalyst, causing cracks to appear where you least expect them. When Dia...
YouTuber Oneshots by mylifeasidiot
YouTuber Oneshotsby Charzuru
X reader stories with your favorite YouTubers (requests are CLOSED)
Teachers Pet by Irishwang
Teachers Petby Jan
Avery Knight Is 17 and lives in Arizona with her evil step father, her mother, and her two little brothers. She starting her Junior year in high school, but shes known a...
Adopted By Zoella by starmulti
Adopted By Zoellaby --
What would you do if your parents suddenly weren't there anymore? Who would you turn to for help? Peppa had no one, and after her experience at a sleepover, she was depr...
Two sides of the same story✽| Zalfie by zalfieshipper1
Two sides of the same story✽| Zalf...by ✫
Zoe and Alfie have been friends since...forever... And they have suddenly got closer than they would ever of imagined, have they developed different feelings? And will t...
Something New : A Marcus Butler Gay Fanfiction by cherubicherrie
Something New : A Marcus Butler Ga...by cherubicherrie
Jake never really met anyone he likes who likes him back before, but when he moved down to Brighton with his best friend Lucy, he meets Marcus at the beach. He later fin...
Joe Sugg Imagines by Mrsniamhymurs
Joe Sugg Imaginesby Crєσlє Lαdч Marmαlαdє ❤
A series of Joe Sugg imagines that involve you and Joe. Joe Sugg x Reader.
The Difference by xxJoanneLovers
The Differenceby xxJoanneLovers
Joe Sugg has a reputation of being the towns bad boy. Dianne is the new girl all the way from Australia. Despite being warned by everyone including Joe's own sister, Zoe...
A new life || js by zerotheneko
A new life || jsby zero
Eliza Parker lived a normal life, until her parents died in a car crash. She was forced to live with people she never met before, but it didn't turn out as she expected.
Adopted By Zalfie by Lola24256
Adopted By Zalfieby Lola♡
Tia has lived in and orphanage since she was 5 years old. She has lost hope of being adopted. The only thing that keeps her happy is YouTube. What will happen when her i...
Zalfie Smut One Shots by Schmalfsgirl
Zalfie Smut One Shotsby Schmalfsgirl
These will just be Zalfie one shots. I may include other Youtubers but idk. WARNING SMUT Any suggestions are welcome in the comments Please comment and vote!!!!
Adopted by Joe Sugg & Caspar Lee by ellienorfolkk
Adopted by Joe Sugg & Caspar Leeby ellie
[COMPLETED] Living on the streets is tough. Especially for a 12 year old girl. But her life is turned upside down when she gets saved. But who are these two men?
Adopted by Zoella [COMPLETED] by conversebootz
Adopted by Zoella [COMPLETED]by conversebootz
Zara is an ordinary 10 year old girl, who loves YouTube and Zoella. She has a very happy life until her parents tragically die. With all hopes gone, Zara thinks she'll n...
The Youngest Sugg (COMPLETED) by honey_mist_auburn
The Youngest Sugg (COMPLETED)by lucy
Lilia seems like your average teenage girl. She likes pizza, she obsesses over bands and other celebrities, and she acts awkward around boys. Although there's one small...