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Ask or Dare USSR and Poland (countryhumans) by PleasantPandaIsTaken
Ask or Dare USSR and Poland ( PandaCantAnimate
*coughs* it's my otp but you don't have to dare romantic stuff you can literally dare poland to kill USSR or something idc *coughs* *THERE WILL BE SWEARING* Ask or dare...
Taste and Touch-SasuNaru by SasuNaruPunk
Taste and Touch-SasuNaruby Jonghyun_560
⚠️WARNING⚠️This story includes YaoiBoyxBoy,Smut,sexual violence,and bad words.This is a SasuNaru story.And yes it's about Sasuke tasting and touching Naruto.There will b...
Lesbian Horror Story  by QueenLalay
Lesbian Horror Story by Queen Lalay
READ THE TILL THE END The house was nearly 200 years old but for some reason, the house looked brand new. No one had touched it for over decades but it liked it was just...
OOTD by PrincessSophie567
OOTDby Luna_DawnWassabi
Hi guyys, this story is about twin sisters namely, Julie and Juliette. Pls. Vote, comment and follow me
3 Princess In 1 Throne by elishamaeggarcia
3 Princess In 1 Throneby ♥Elisha Mae♥
aliyah and freya is kind but kayla wants to be Queen and more powers...But freya is the real Queen of kingdom palace
One direction~A directioner by DAXIA_IMAZIALLER
One direction~A directionerby DAXIA_IMAZIALLER
Hi guys! I dont expect that this would be a perfect story but i promise i will do my best Please vote and follow! Thank you guys!
Roblox noob x g4m3rgurl678 by gavinreed900
Roblox noob x g4m3rgurl678by Gavin Reed
They meet on murder mistery and they look into each other's eye and they couldn't kill eachother keep reading for the juicy ending....😫👌🏻💦 (My friends art) Super se...
PEMINAT by hakuna_kimi
PEMINATby hakuna_kimi
Nama aku Alia(bukan nama sebenar).Aku bersekolah di SK BLA BLA BLA.Ok yang lain pasal aku tu malaslah nk cerita. Umur aku 12 tahun so , korang tau tau je la darjah berap...
My Boyfriend had an Amnesia?  by mskimchimchim
My Boyfriend had an Amnesia? by mskimchimchim
What if one day You'll lose the most beloved person in you life That you should do anything just for him to remember you. You and him You and your beautiful memories wit...
The nerdy girl turn into a star by luiacostameng
The nerdy girl turn into a starby luiacostameng
Hindi ko alam kung magugustuhan niyo to ah kase first ko lang gagawa nito eh #hope you like it😇👌
Goodbye mom  by monicajeslie
Goodbye mom by Monica jeslie M. Racal
Jane was the happiest girl in town because of her mom,they always play,watch movies,sleep together and more.... but one day all that happy memories was thrown away. Jane...
Ang boyprend kong ML player by Nichaela19
Ang boyprend kong ML playerby Nicky_nicnic
Gagawa lang ako ng story na tungkol sa boyprend ko na ML player,actually,nangyare na to saken at ang story na to syempre hango sa tunay na buhay:<