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sister of dodge by princessfanfic15
sister of dodgeby cesar wife
is the sister of dodge, jackass human sadly, she is a half hearing, she can sign, she works at ape jail with her brother and her father. After getting into another fight...
Your Eyes by SecretAuthor93
Your Eyesby Secret Author
Blue Eyes x OC. recently deleted from my old account to here.
Mending His Broken Heart ||ON HOLD|| by bigxxgirlsxxcry
Mending His Broken Heart ||ON Cat
Looking into the chimpanzee leader's eyes, she could see the pain that was buried underneath
||Walk me home|| by whitedress24
||Walk me home||by •WhiteDress24•
The thick foliage above hides us from the suns raze and consequently from their eyes, I can hear them, they're so close now, their muscular bodies forcing the trees to b...
My Baby Girl by __Lonely__Girl__
My Baby Girlby READ BIO!
Takes place before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, then during. An ill mother can no longer take care of her child... She does something no mother would even think of d...
Koba's mistake by LucyLachance
Koba's mistakeby LucyLachance
What happens when 2 girls get lost in the red woods?
Rise of an Era by Szarinasumalpong
Rise of an Eraby Szarina R. Sumalpong
"I've lost my family and everything I loved. I don't want to lose this one!" - Kira "It's impossible for a human to understand the ways of an ape!" ...
War Of An Era by Szarinasumalpong
War Of An Eraby Szarina R. Sumalpong
I can't believe this is happening to me. One minute I was just in the cinema with my family and the next I am risking my life and limbs to stay alive from a war between...
Always Sisters by Kimblyn
Always Sistersby Kimblyn
Kim and Ari grew up together after losing their entire family and both struggle to survive, avoiding humans and apes at all costs. Although Kim does not admit it, she fe...
Discovering Planet of the Apes  by KailaKitKat
Discovering Planet of the Apes by KailaKitKat
Two best friends go through hard times at the human colony, and only have each other. Until they encounter apes ... OC ~ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
To Capture A Heart: Koba x Ayia by dovakiinliania
To Capture A Heart: Koba x Ayiaby Alanna
Ayia was a science experiment where the lab did DNA Splicing. this story starts on the day Koba and her meet. They end up becoming mates later in the story and have a ki...
Sister of dodge : the end  by princessfanfic15
Sister of dodge : the end by cesar wife
Well apparently you're only allowed 200 chapters on Wattpad, This is the end for the sister of dodge. So enjoy I tagged everyone and let everyone know so sorry . ~~~~~~...
Bad girl  by princessfanfic15
Bad girl by cesar wife
Crystal is vegetarian against any animal abuse or animal testing, keeping apes aginst. Specially Gen-Sys she was undercover as a animal keeper until she was discover un...
One-Shots of the Planet of the Apes by IntergalacticPancake
One-Shots of the Planet of the Apesby Pancake
This will be a book for little stories that either don't make it into my main Planet of the Apes books, or one-shots that I've suddenly had a lot of muse to do. Some cha...
War Technicalities by Mrs_Splinter
War Technicalitiesby Wife_To_A_Master
Caesar x Human!OC. [Warning: violent/graphic content ahead! I personally don't think it's a lot, but you never know, it may be too much for you.] They say "curiosit...
Flickers (Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) °Book One° by FreakFromHell
Flickers (Dawn Of The Planet Of Actual Trash
Amelia Winscott, a 19 year old girl who's almost completely blind and her best friend Grace are in the prime of the Planet of the Apes. Grace was Amelia's eyes and the...
Children of the Woods by Pinkroseutena
Children of the Woodsby Pinkroseutena
3 Children have seen the worst of mankind runaway to escape from them and find a place to call home while in the admist of war, a event causes them to run toward the woo...
Problem Child: Planet Of The Apes Story  by KailaKitKat
Problem Child: Planet Of The KailaKitKat
Two abused sisters not only have personal problems but they have monkey business they have to deal with ... Might contain some Mature Content OC ~ Dawn of the Planet of...
Surviving  by Sum1special009
Surviving by Draqua09
After her family is killed by the plague spreading across the globe, Y/N, a scrappy 14 year old girl with an immunity to the virus, escapes to the Redwoods to avoid the...
War for the planet of the apes: 'The Beginning And The End!' by GalaxyDragon1777
War for the planet of the apes: ' ytyui yuiuy
[The year is 2028] War between the humans and the apes has raged on for 2 years now since the attack on the human colony of San Francisco lead by the human hating ape kn...