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Neighbors  by moguridragon
Neighbors by moguridragon
Phillipa works in a dead end waitressing job and wishes for the day she won't have to dread coming into work. Her boss is an ass and the only friend she has is her neigh...
The Story of Tonight by Aussie_Ramos
The Story of Tonightby Aussie_Ramos
When Amy meets her new neighbors, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa Miranda, they introduce her to the Hamilton cast, giving her jobs. Phillipa, her best friend, and Amy are very t...
So In Love With You by pipstuff
So In Love With Youby alyssa
Pippa and Steven are best friends, then they're madly in love, then they want to start a family, but this proves harder then they could've imagined, especially when Lin...
Hamilcast Texting Story :) by x_ughhhh_x
Hamilcast Texting Story :)by x_ughhhh_x
Starting around rehearsals of Hamilton, everyone knows each other at this point, Janthony will probably be a large focus but other ships and things will be included :) ...
fix his heart | lippa by quityo
fix his heart | lippaby quityo
"Mr.Miranda please this decision could save her life."
Lippa: Lin x Pippa by Hamilfan245
Lippa: Lin x Pippaby Hamilfan245
Lin and Phillipa are both single and have always been just friends. But when Lin confesses his true feelings for Pippa, things take a turn, but is is for better or for w...
When You Walked into My Life by Escapism4all
When You Walked into My Lifeby Escapism4all
Phillipa Soo placed an infant up for adoption after she graduated from high school. She managed to hide it from everyone making it a thing of her past, but what happens...
Together Forever  | Lippa And Janthony  by Hamiltongirl16
Together Forever | Lippa And Hamiltongirl16
It was a normal night, The cast was doing Hamilton at the Richard Roger's. It was normal however until something happened.... Lin, Phillipa, Jasmine, and Anthony learn t...
❝ a whole new world, a dazzling place i've never seen! ❞
Hamliza - One Shots ✰ by ghxstii
Hamliza - One Shots ✰by ghxstii ツ
Some Hamliza one shots I'm writing when inspiration hits me. I DO accept requests, but no smut. You can either comment requests or leave them on my message board and I w...
Sorry For The Love I Gave You || Lippa by Eliiizzaaa
Sorry For The Love I Gave You || l i z z i e
Lin Manuel Miranda never thought he would love anyone else except his wife, that was until he met Phillipa Soo. Pippa never thought she'd get out of her terrible relati...
Hamliza(current times) by ElizaHamiltonlippa
Hamliza(current times)by ElizaHamiltonlippa
This is a 2017 version of Hamilton. So technology and women's rights. All that fun stuff so enjoy! :)
Hamilton Backstage Scenarios  by hamiltontrash123
Hamilton Backstage Scenarios by pip soo
Just random scenarios that i come up with about what goes down backstage during Hamilton.
Oneshots by Pippasoostan_
Oneshotsby Annie
Hey guys, DM me for oneshots they will all include pippa and the pairings are pippa and steven or pippa and lin. thats it.
flipped | lippa by daphnelovespippa
flipped | lippaby daph
HEY CINNAMON ROLLS i hope u enjoy :) also DISCLAIMER- i'm the biggest stippa fan and i support lin and vanessa and lippa is j for fun! hope u enjoy <3 Summary: Lin an...
To the Two of Us: Remastered (Anthony Ramos x OC) by maliammartinez
To the Two of Us: Remastered ( Malia B. Martinez
My simping book, despite my love for Janthony. Anthony Ramos x OC social media au. Don't ask questions. Just read it. WAIT NO!! Don't read if you are a member of any Ham...
Quarantine ~ Hamilcast texting story :) by x_ughhhh_x
Quarantine ~ Hamilcast texting x_ughhhh_x
Coronavirus has taken over and some strangers and friends decide to make a groupchat... What on earth could this lead to?
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by whotellsyourstory_
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby Fandom Trash
What happens when the real historical figures from the past are brought together to watch a recording of the hit musical 'Hamilton'? How will they react? And more import...
Accidental Baby Mama-Lippa (COMPLETE) by gardenxrose
Accidental Baby Mama-Lippa ( Säv🌙🥀
"Who's this?" "Pippa. From last month." "Oh... God. How'd you get this number?" "Lin. I'm pregnant."