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Wolves ⋆ Meet My Oc's by gihlbert
Wolves ⋆ Meet My Oc'sby gihlbert
be your own anchor. meet my oc's gihlbert / 2024
Dog Days ⋆ T. Dinozzo ⁹ by gihlbert
Dog Days ⋆ T. Dinozzo ⁹by gihlbert
the dog days are over. ncis s1 tony dinozzo x victoria montenegro book nine in semper fi series gihlbert / 2023
Bad Seed ⋆ D. Sawyer ² by gihlbert
Bad Seed ⋆ D. Sawyer ²by gihlbert
she's a bad, bad seed. ncis au dale sawyer x katherine vargas book two in semper fi series gihlbert / 2024
Before You ⋆ J. Tennant ⁷ by gihlbert
Before You ⋆ J. Tennant ⁷by gihlbert
me before you. ncis: hawaii s1 jane tennant x mason stone book seven in semper fi series gihlbert / 2024
Mr. Lasalle by BrownSugarC
Mr. Lasalleby BrownSugarC
Life takes its twist and turns. Where will a stunning phone call lead Chris LaSalle to?
Liability ⋆ J. Knight ¹ by gihlbert
Liability ⋆ J. Knight ¹by gihlbert
you have no heart. ncis s18-19 jessica knight x nathan james book one in semper fi series gihlbert / 2023
His Minnoe |NCIS Fanfiction DC/New Orleans. by HisKoala2003
His Minnoe |NCIS Fanfiction DC/ Marilyn (May not update books)
Hello there!.My names Jayne Minnoe Pebbles Gibbs.I was born May 10th 1978 to Leroy Jethro and Shannon Gibbs.My little sister Kelly was born July 25th 1984.When i was 14...
Violent Ends ⋆ E. Bishop ⁵ by gihlbert
Violent Ends ⋆ E. Bishop ⁵by gihlbert
i love you. it'll pass. ncis eleanor bishop x male oc book five in semper fi series gihlbert / 2024
Bombshell by BrownSugarC
Bombshellby BrownSugarC
One by one the former team members of NCIS New Orleans have passed on. A late night call changed the life of Christopher LaSalle as none of them could ever imagine.
McGee's other sister  by artisticwriter50
McGee's other sister by artisticwriter50
What if Chris lasalle was a mcgee and they had another sister that wasn't Sarah and she lives in Nola but Chris doesn't know until one case changes it all. Read the jour...
NCIS Kids by Lucy_Queen19
NCIS Kidsby Lena Queen
Families are broken! Kids lose Parents! Gibbs and the team become parents!
Kekoa's Adventure  by mythicalalohagirl
Kekoa's Adventure by mythicalalohagirl
This is a story about a young Hawaiian girl who lost her parents from a very unknown sickness from a very young age. The Hawaiian girl ran away from her only home after...
Vanished! by BrownSugarC
Vanished!by BrownSugarC
FBI Agent Sonja Percy goes missing while on assignment. Her former co-workers express shock, fear, surprise and wonder as the trail of her life after NCIS comes to ligh...
Soulmate by BrownSugarC
Soulmateby BrownSugarC
Sonja Percy aced English in high school and college. The last thing she needed was 'New York' telling her about prose. You never have to talk to me again Sonja but tha...
Family by StoryCreek
Familyby StoryCreek
Just some short fics of the NCIS New Orleans, family with my own character making her debut as Special Agent Mandi Prep. I own nothing except Mandi (She's all mine)
Words Left Unspoken by BrownSugarC
Words Left Unspokenby BrownSugarC
A late night phone call and the unfolding story that follows only confirms the thoughts that loyal NCIS New Orleans and Percy and LaSalle followers always suspected.
All Together Now by HettyLanges
All Together Nowby Maria
Tiva wedding. with a lot of special guests. (Full NCIS verse crossover)
What Might Have Been by BrownSugarC
What Might Have Beenby BrownSugarC
Christopher LaSalle faced another horrible tragic loss in life - the murder of his brother Cade. We were all shocked by the conclusion of his quest to find the killer...
Corn Maze by HettyLanges
Corn Mazeby Maria
Percy takes LaSalle through a corn maze