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God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction) by isioma___
God Only Knows (an fK&C fanfiction)by (II)
What happens when the youngest Smallbone goes rebellious? Leah Rachel Smallbone, younger sister to Libby by three years, has always been a good girl all her life until s...
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Forki One-Shots by MalefM
Forki One-Shotsby dreamer
Just a collection of fkac one-shots because I'm incapable of writing a full-length story.
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Love In The Dark•Joriah  by MalefM
Love In The Dark•Joriah by dreamer
"Take your eyes off of me so I can leave I'm far too ashamed to do it with you watching me This is never ending, we have been here before But I can't stay this time...
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Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic) by fKandC_fan
Home Sweet Home? (fK&C fanfic)by JustKaris
Brooke's dad was offered a new job - a huge honor for Brooke's family of five. The only problem is: it's in Nashville, TN and Brooke lives in Indiana. Easy solution: Dr...
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for KING & COUNTRY Pictures by fKandC_fan
for KING & COUNTRY Picturesby JustKaris
A whole bunch of fK&C pictures that you may or may not have seen before including: - Word Clouds! - Screenshots! - Live Pictures! and possibly more...
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Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓ by MalefM
Beautiful~M. Smallbone✓by dreamer
Secrets. Pain. Love. cover by the amazing @pricelesstrashpanda Completed December 2019
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The Rebel Heart by MalefM
The Rebel Heartby dreamer
Stuff from the internet & more . Title inspired by Lauren Daigle.
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for KING & COUNTRY Challenge by crazyemmie
for KING & COUNTRY Challengeby Emily ❤💀
Hi guys, so I saw a lot of these, and I thought, since that I am a HUGE fan of fkac, why not do one myself. So here I am. I became an official Craver on June 22nd, 2019...
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Burn The Ships Challenge • for KING & COUNTRY ✓ by MalefM
Burn The Ships Challenge • for dreamer
From Instagram. I forgot who made it so I can't give credit. Sorry.... Completed April 2019
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Social Media - Lost in Thought by crazyemmie
Social Media - Lost in Thoughtby Emily ❤💀
just the social media posts that moriah, joel, sienna, and fkac will post for Lost in Thought :)
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for KING & COUNTRY Role-play by ThisWillBeLovely
for KING & COUNTRY Role-playby Let's See...
So basically this here, is a for KING & COUNTRY Role-play... I have no idea how this is going to go, but if you feel like it, please join! =P
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CCM Family by MalefM
CCM Familyby dreamer
Randomness my brain came up with. All because of @mideoftheshadows
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broken lullabies - social media by pricelesstrashpanda
broken lullabies - social mediaby Line Parker
social media fluff (and some angst) to compliment my for king & country fanfiction, broken lullabies. reading this is not necessary in order to understand broken lullabi...
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