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breaking her Walls (momojirou) by greenglaxy
breaking her Walls (momojirou)by greengalaxy
kyouka jirou is the outcast of the class 1/A. she only talks when she hast to or when she insulting denki and Mr.pervert, from being perverts or idiots. otherwise she is...
The Only One Who Gets It [Momojirou] by itsmebeeches
The Only One Who Gets It [ itsmebeeches
Jirou catches feelings for Momo after an incident involving her. Momo (being oblivious as hell) doesn't realise she's fallen head over heels for Jirou until a little nud...
"I Love You" | MomoxJirou by MangaManiac69
"I Love You" | MomoxJirouby 420.69%gay
Jirou and Momo are hopelessly in love with each other but are too gay to notice
Daughter of  Villains by naluforever02
Daughter of Villainsby Syd
16-year old Ashley Bakugou is a student at U.A. Her and her friends all go there so that one day they can become pro heros. While going through papers in her basement sh...
Jiroumomo fantasy au by Im-very-tired
Jiroumomo fantasy auby Im-very-tired
Yeee I think I'll like this story a lot more and I hope you will too. Basically Momo and jirou are royals both are fifteen. Momo is the queen of her kingdom, because her...
Momo x jirou by connorthedeviant
Momo x jirouby BOI
A bnha fan fiction of one of my personal fave ships. If you don't like this ship thats okay I also have a thing for jirou x denki too and I know others agree with that o...
🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈ოԾოԾϳᎥᏒԾu🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈 by katsubro_bakahoe
🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈ოԾოԾϳᎥᏒԾu🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚔𝚒𝚎
Basically anything momojirou... probably will consist of: ▪Pics ▪one-shots ▪AUs ▪drabbles ▪other stuffz that's not momojirou ▪other, other stuffz that's not related to b...
My love only blooms inside of me by Insane_Fanfic_Writer
My love only blooms inside of meby Insane_Fanfic_Writer
Kyōka Jirō, one of UA's aspiring heroes... Had been defeated. It started as a simple crush, and then the crush became crushing as the work of a single villain tore her...
Deku the Dragon Hero!! by Glade123
Deku the Dragon Hero!!by :)))))
what if izuku midoriya was born as a girl and had a powerful quirk, but it showed up late? What if she had a tragic past that had villains, kidnapping and torture and wa...
Selcouth || Shouto Todoroki x Oc by SakuPeachu
Selcouth || Shouto Todoroki x Ocby Sakura!!!
≫Selcouth≪ •Sel-'kooth• (adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous This can mean many things to different people, it all depends on who you ask. Ask an elderly...
regrets and promises | momojirou  by wonderfuel666
regrets and promises | momojirou by toga is my queen
(part two of "less than okay.") Jirou had Hanahaki. Momo has Hanahaki. And, Denki wants to make sure his promise to Jirou doesn't go unnoticed.
Momojirou One-Shots by Hellokitty311009
Momojirou One-Shotsby Hellokitty311009
They're canon you stupid heteros-
FUCKIN KISS HER ALREADY! JirouxMomo by dumb-dork-nerd
FUCKIN KISS HER ALREADY! JirouxMomoby 🌟🌙Star🌙🌟
It's momo x jirou. NO SMUT! [my heart can't write it] Jirou has feelings for momo. She quickly accepts that momo doesn't like her back. She thinks momo and todoroki are...
TsuChako/MomoJirou Oneshots by momojirouislife
TsuChako/MomoJirou Oneshotsby Ry/Eclipse
TsuChako and MomoJirou Oneshots! Fluff💗 Smut⚠️ 💜MomoJirou 💖TsuChako
[Ocean Eyes] | A MomoJirou story| by momojirouislife
[Ocean Eyes] | A MomoJirou story|by Ry/Eclipse
"You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes" **ANGST WARNING**
She Stole My Heart (Momojirou) UNDER-EDITING by Mdjaramillo
She Stole My Heart (Momojirou) Kris10 🖤🕊
A story of best friends keeping secrets from one another. The rough edged Kyoka wanted her relationship with the high class rich Momo to go beyond best friends. She love...
Momo x Jirou by Trans_Lesbian
Momo x Jirouby Trans_Lesbian
This story is a love story between Momo Yaoyorozu and Kyoka Jiro. Some parts of the story will be smut and others will be fluff. Through out the story they will begin to...
never be alone - momojirou by -chxrry-bryn-
never be alone - momojirouby BLM!!
**kyoka jirou is canonly insecure about her body so no this isnt just for angst lmao --- most girls are beautiful. they have beautiful bodies. boys don't like girls with...
Momo x Jirou Please Be Mine by LunarLover368
Momo x Jirou Please Be Mineby 💚 Love is Love 💚
After Jirou loses her only friend she decides that she doesn't want to have another but when she moves to UA high will all of that change? Or will she find more than jus...