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The Boy Next Door {{EDITING}} by bifzXhh
The Boy Next Door {{EDITING}}by xanarchy
She finally gets to go home. She knew her life would never be the same, but she never expected this. ~Machine Gun Kelly Fanfiction~ © all rights reserved // Maya Gillog...
Beast Mode ▪MGK Interracial ▪ by Tea_Nation
Beast Mode ▪MGK Interracial ▪by 🔥🔥
Lynx P. Savage sounds very masculine but actually, she's a professional photographer. She takes professional pictures for celebrities and one day she comes across one wh...
P I R U S  (MGK Gang Au) by bethcrowley
P I R U S (MGK Gang Au)by bethcrowley / S.C.Bay
His name alone let's everyone feel fear. She didn't expect him. MGK But what happens when she sees something she isn't supposed to see?
Concert  by ariana-MGK
Concert by ariana-MGK
This book is a story between a girl called Megan fox who isn't famous at all yet but is a big fan of colson baker knows as mgk and what happens when at a show in la chan...
Me and you by gracemadss
Me and youby 🥀
Devon is a girl that thinks with her head, not her heart. Colson is the guy that changed that completely
Hate to love you//Rookxx by 50shadesoffucked
Hate to love you//Rookxxby 50shadesoffucked
Dani joins MGK and his band on tour, what happens between her and a certain drummer boy? * Certain parts of this story won't make sense/seem wrong but it was just change...
Fast Life | Eminem's Daughter by Fannggirl4903
Fast Life | Eminem's Daughterby Fannggirl4903
A story about betrayal and love. Eminems daughter falls for an unexpected love and separates from her father in an emoitonal way. The next few years of her life are craz...
toxic | colson baker  by ryancullenn
toxic | colson baker by r y a n :)
"look at us, we're fucking toxic for each other." "but i love you and that's all that matters." made on: november 2, 2020 ended:
Saving Colson Baker ( A MGK fan fiction) by Nomad_x
Saving Colson Baker ( A MGK fan Lost Girl
Colson Baker. The name was enough to give anyone chills. He was dangerous, arrogant, and extremely attractive. He was the stereotypical bad boy with a soft spot for onl...
My Best Habit ♡ YUNGBLUD by crystalline-thoughts
My Best Habit ♡ YUNGBLUDby crystalline-thoughts
"My best habit's letting you down." In which Dominic Harrison drags his best friend along with him on tour, having no idea she's madly in love with him. Inspi...
Waste Love ~MGK love story~ by The_Wicked_Goddess42
Waste Love ~MGK love story~by The_Wicked_Goddess42
{Under Severe Editing} Pete's little sister has a huge secret that only a select few know about. Her life is one giant secret to the whole world just so she can live pea...
Daddy's little Gunner by jaidenbakerquinn
Daddy's little Gunnerby Jaiden_19XX
MGK hasn't had a little in about 3yrs, so he decides to do something about it.
Unexpected by Aubrey_Horror101
Unexpectedby Aubrey Fuentes
Jessica Ray Cappelletty is 22 years old. She is the cousin of JP 'Rook' Cappelletty. She flies down to LA because Rook called her. Rook's bestfriend is in need of a bab...
We Found Us by animeandmgkfanfics
We Found Usby That Otome Writer
A girl fighting her own problems meets a damaged soul but the only one who managed to fix her. Can broken people be loved and feel love?
MGK Imagines  by kellsblunt
MGK Imagines by mak :))
Enjoy these imagines about the rap god himself MGK, message me if you have any requests for an imagine!
Welcome To Hotel Diablo by MaraCarraway
Welcome To Hotel Diabloby Mara Carraway
Mavis is 18 when she moves to Cleveland and gets a job with someone she never thought she would ever meet
Adopted by MGK & Megan Fox  by SlytherinLeader
Adopted by MGK & Megan Fox by Scarlet Wolf
After 10 years of known marriage, Megan has finally declared that she is no longer with her former husband and has gone off to start dating someone new. What if this som...
The Colson Chronicles by AlexandraHoneycutt1
The Colson Chroniclesby AlexandraTolleyXX
Living life in a small town Leslie finds herself day dreaming of the unattainable Machine Gun Kelly. When her best friend gets them tickets to his acoustic show in the n...