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Joker [Kings 1] by EvanColson
Joker [Kings 1]by Evan Colson
The darkness didn't scare me. I was darkness. From the moment I took my first breath I was surrounded by the shadows that haunted your nightmares. I was a killer. The bl...
No yellow boxes ]mercenary deku[ by Stranitryscrolling
No yellow boxes ]mercenary deku[by Stranitryscrolling
Izuku Midoriya does not have a quirk. Plain, and simple. Just like him. And a world wide ban stopped the use of guns, only being used by thugs with connections and certa...
Volatile (An SU & COD Mobile crossover) by SPETSNAZ2020
Volatile (An SU & COD Mobile SPETSNAZ2020
In 2021, Venezuela's ultranationalist president, Carlo Manuel threatens ambassadors across the country, viewing them as weaklings. He gets most of the ambassadors to lea...
Heroes and a Merc by SPETSNAZ2020
Heroes and a Mercby SPETSNAZ2020
MHA & COD crossover Hoka Kurosawa AKA "Samurai" is an unbeatable Mercenary that fights on his own with his guns and a katana that belonged to his ancestors. Fu...
The Five Things Deadpool Can't Live Without- SpideyPool One-Shot by CrimesOfADeadpool
The Five Things Deadpool Can't Jamie
The Five Things Deadpool Can't Live Without. Including violence, porn, money and a certain superhero.
[DISCONTINUED]Your A Merc Or A Squid?(tf2 x splatoon crossover) Splat fortress 2 by painisbleeder
[DISCONTINUED]Your A Merc Or A PainisBleeder
Day on scream fortress the Mercs were fighting against Merasmus but then he teleport them to the land where then they met something they didn't expect they thought it to...
| Deadpool xChubby!Reader | by DaFreakGirl
| Deadpool xChubby!Reader |by DaFreakGirl
Warning :English isn't my native language ,also I'm not good story description writer ,so~ .. (Y/N) was walking to her work ,while taking a shortcut a few mens cross her...
A Really Interesting Title, Something About Deadpool ~ by Graciey48
A Really Interesting Title, Agent Gracey
High School. A few years ago. I really can't remember. These. Dots. Look. Like. I. Have. Asthma. Anyway. So I was in high school like any other normal student. Somewhat...
The age of the next spartans(a mercenary RP) by -Vanguard_Hunter-
The age of the next spartans(a The Gunslinger
The next Spartans are a group of mercenaries that have been working in the dark for some time. Now they're about to make their move to go public.
Summer Jams (A Lyrics Look-book) by CeCe95_
Summer Jams (A Lyrics Look-book)by Celeste
☀️ lyrics to some sweet summer songs I listen to, heading to the beach
Merc With Joker:  A Suicidal Love Story by BeautifulMadness76
Merc With Joker: A Suicidal Rima Strife
Rima strife a known merc since she's been out of the FBI and armies, has been making her own money offing off anyone and taking any job that pays, the state and governme...
The Reaper's Shadow by Elijah_Elab
The Reaper's Shadowby Elijah_Elab
Arthur Freitham, a quiet and secluded laborer for a government timber agency in the Midwestern Union of North America. When he discovers what the government is doing to...
Solemn by SolemnGrey
Solemnby Dakota Parisien
The modern era has ended. The world as we know it is over, replaced by that of the New Frontier. Endless possibilities await for those willing to take the risks... The l...
Miraculous Characters by hipsterfrenemy
Miraculous Charactersby hipsterfrenemy
this is like a "A wandering story" meaning no plot or description....
Aconitum by odie144
Aconitumby odie144
A weapon that's all she is. Killing is all she's ever known since the beginning. A weapon like no other indestructible, agile, strong,