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Kind Eyes by FantasyLilac
Kind Eyesby Eunoia
Medusa has been known for years. A heart of stone projecting her malice onto others. But one girl did not care for legends. Lucia, a young woman who lacks sight but make...
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The Cursed Maiden and the Dead Prince by authoresnocte
The Cursed Maiden and the Dead authoresnocte
In a twisted tale of Medusa, what if instead of Medusa being slain, she fought for the return of her maidenhood and went up against one of the biggest and most beloved g...
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Vengeful by GhostWriterGirl-1
Vengefulby GhostWriterGirl-1
She is coming for them; she's going to shatter every god that ever disrespected a living being. *plot is owned by the amazingly talented @sirenlust* *cover also made by...
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Greek Mythology by kk_Omatsu
Greek Mythologyby kei Naga❤
This story is not mine its from the real author/creator of this stories .. gusto ko lng ishare mga mahilig sa myth. PS:Hindi ko na po pagsusunod-sunodin basta uu...
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Blind Love by Artemisad
Blind Loveby Artemisad
3,000 years ago, there lived a Gorgon named Medusa. At one glance, she could turn a person to stone with her ugliness. No one knew how old she was, or how she had gotten...
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My most innocent sinner by Inncorect_sophia
My most innocent sinnerby Lyn
Not many people know the true story on Medusa and most who do don't care, but what happens when this innocent sinner finds someone who can elude her curse?
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Medusa  and the Blind Girl by 3amInspiration
Medusa and the Blind Girlby 3amInspiration
"Medusa and the Blind girl" is a romance about two castaways. Medusa was rejected by loved ones and feared by all, she retreated to her cave for solitude. Tha...
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Blind Love by Exoticddguin
Blind Loveby Exoticddguin
Meda is the daughter of Medusa. Like her mother, she has the curse of turning people into stone when they look at her eyes. She inherited her mother's hair. Meda comple...
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Colder Than Stone by lilmisspeekaboo
Colder Than Stoneby Aby
Not every monster is evil, some have bigger hearts than those who cursed them and sadly, sometimes even bigger tragedies. Medusa's heart sank as she watched him fly away...
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Gurney City - Book Two by maggie10secrets
Gurney City - Book Twoby Maggie
(Formerly known as The HQ Agent in Gurney City. It is advised to read the first book before reading this book) Who would have thought that I'm still alive? Apparently, I...
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Heart Of Stone - Male!Medusa by Calintha
Heart Of Stone - Male!Medusaby Calintha
A body covered by scars like your skin had been painted upon with a blade, you must find a way to heal your equally scarred heart. But how much healing can be done when...
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The Guardian of Einzbern by AlexCatalinStancu
The Guardian of Einzbernby Alex Catalin Stancu
The house of the Einzbern is one of the remaining devil clans after the civil war . They were know for their enourmous magic power and for their intelligence during t...
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Vision (gxg) by vanillaVDE
Vision (gxg)by L.A.
in which a blind woman falls in love with a very gay modern medusa (Copyright © 2018 by vanillaVDE)
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The Blind Woman Who Fell in Love with Medusa by WaywardSaylor
The Blind Woman Who Fell in Love WaywardSaylor
If only I knew what would happen that night. ••• Evelyn was a 19 year old girl who, one year ago, lost all of her sight during one fateful night. PTSD, depression, a...
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The song of Death (Vampire Knight) by Shall_we_dance
The song of Death (Vampire Knight)by Shall_we_dance
Agota Gorgon Hayashi is the daughter of Medusa Gorgon and Sora Hayashi. Sora is a demon from Japan who went to Athens in Greece, he wanted to see if the legends were tr...
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The Adam Project by AlexCatalinStancu
The Adam Projectby Alex Catalin Stancu
The Adam Project was one of the church's most well kept secret of all times. The Project was meant to create the perfect super soldier but was stoped after the failure k...
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Maka's younger sister( Soul x reader x kid x black star)*Editing* by lollypop200
Maka's younger sister( Soul x xXLollipopXx
Y/n Albarn is Maka's younger sister, they have the same dad. but different moms Y/n goes to death city to live with her dad for awhile, as y/n goes she meets her older s...
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Soul X Reader! Lemon by Xander_Chavaneaux
Soul X Reader! Lemonby Xander The Chavaneaux
You are a half reaper and half witch breed, on the verge of becoming a kishin. Love ya
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Why Him? Why Her? (Finished) by LadyJellyBean
Why Him? Why Her? (Finished)by LadyJellyBean
Everybody knows that Draco Malfoy is Hogwart's biggest bully. But Renee Sparks, a Gryffindor, wonders why on Merlin's bloody beard does he pick on her more than any othe...
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Medusa: Love Me (Lesbian) ✔ by sagittaire95
Medusa: Love Me (Lesbian) ✔by Tika
Medusa was a priestess of Athena. She was a beautiful maiden who vowed to be celibate her entire life. Athena loved Medusa, until a horrid accident happened in Parthenon...
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