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Alone (Mateo story) by unwanted_monique
Alone (Mateo story)by Queen of weirdness
He's psycho but I love him He wasn't like all the other boys I met. He was different from the rest. No matter what I will always love him....... Keep reading to find out...
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Mateo Bowles - My Only One by kodieshanehs
Mateo Bowles - My Only Oneby xxxscarxxx
Me: ''I don't wanna fucking play dawg! It was a mistake, I'm not perfect!'' I yelled at her Yasmin: ''It would just be a little better to hear about your ex from you, an...
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Guilty Pleasure. by trillaax
Guilty .حرر طفلي
《MateoxTaymor X MPREG》He dates my sister, but the pleasure is unbearable.
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His Precious Mate. by Moluccan_girl
His Precious Destiny
{BOOK ONE OF THE WEREWOLF SERIES} Dayanara Arabella Cordero is the daughter of the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack. Her parents were murdered and soon, her pack fo...
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My bully (Mateo x Nahmir)  by Mosthated_maiyapuppy
My bully (Mateo x Nahmir) by Mosthated_maiyapuppy
Hi I'm the revers king... well I use to be I don't dance anymore but I do get bullied. read to find out more
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A Hugo and Sofia fanfic by vixinerika
A Hugo and Sofia fanficby VixinTan Wai Yann
Sofia has a huge crush on Hugo, find out what adventures are in store for them(the princesses and princes are all 17 years old)
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🌴Benidorm🌴 by -cutizlove
🌴Benidorm🌴by 💓Connie💓
Your name is Y/N L/N and you are 11 years old. ( At the start of THe story) Your family has Always been close friends with the Garvey's so naturally they are like family...
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lost in suburbia || mattia polibio by tylerrblaire
lost in suburbia || mattia polibioby tylerrblaire
sub·ur·bi·a // noun // the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively. ~ in which blair falls for her bestfriend, mattia, after years. sounds cliche, right? but no...
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Me and Mateo  by itsvinnie23
Me and Mateo by itsvinnie23
*please read* mature readers only may contain drinking cursing and sexual intercourse descriptions kaylanni just moved from her father's house in California to her mot...
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Love Me by Lay_Boogie
Love Meby Lay Boogie👑💕
This is about 17 year old Maria Jones. She done been through everything just name it. The only person left in her life is her 4 year old sister Maray Jones. She has no o...
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ѕєℓƒιѕн (ѕнмαтєσ) by jazzytheestallion
ѕєℓƒιѕн (ѕнмαтєσ)by ❤ jazzy ❤
"I'm selfish... I want you all to myself I swear..." ◇◇◇ In which a girl name Naya catches the attention of a sensational hiphop dancer.
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        Falling In Love With My Bully by DarkNLovelyTwin
Falling In Love With My DarkNLovelyTwin
Jasmine is a girl from Chicago and just moved to Ypsalanti,Michigan. she goes to Ypsalanti high and gets bullied by Mateo and his gang. See what happens next
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Just Another Thug (Book 2) by HeyimanAurthor
Just Another Thug (Book 2)by Brøkęn
Started: February 8, 2019
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Hijos de la Mafia -Mateo Palacios y Anna Parker (2da temporada)- Fanfiction by truenoxarg
Hijos de la Mafia -Mateo Truenoxarg
Luego de mas de un año la vida de Palacios y Parker se vuelven a juntar. ¿Habra cambiado algo en ellos en ese tiempo?, ¿Se seguiran amando como antes?, ¿Habra logrado An...
My Babygirl {Mateo Bowles X Reader} by the_young_goat
My Babygirl {Mateo Bowles X Reader}by the_young_goat
Y/n gets the ride of her life when a childhood friend of her's comes back to town, Will they have peace or something in the way
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Elena of Avalor: Mateo's Family Secret by DestinationDreams
Elena of Avalor: Mateo's Family DestinationDreams
Mateo's friends need an important potion for a trade agreement. When they get to his house they find a little girl. Now Mateo and his friends must uncover a secret his m...
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Paralelas - Trueno y Replik by Lihla_Trueno
Paralelas - Trueno y Replikby LihlaMonzón
Dos historias en 1!? Como es eso!? Belen Y Ariadna Nove hecha para @BelenRamirez382 -No permito copia ni adaptación-
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《Una Linda Casualidad》[Mateo Palacios] by bdebardera
《Una Linda Casualidad》[Mateo BARÐERA
Solo léela mamu? ;) 100% lenguaje argentino-uruguayo 100% creada por mi :v No se aceptan copias ni adaptaciones :)
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A Condemned Lust [Lionel Messi] by Yara-36
A Condemned Lust [Lionel Messi]by Yara
"In one thousand versions of reality, you were the only person i would run to, every single time." ------- Laura knew that loving him was a dangerous territory...
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