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Morgiana's elder sister by sleepyokatu
Morgiana's elder sisterby sleepyokatu
I was just a normal Highschooler who loved anime and manga until truck-kun decided to hit me into my after live in my favorite anime.
Reborn (Magi Fanfiction) by TakanosSlave
Reborn (Magi Fanfiction)by The Virtuoso
How long has it been? She always asked herself. Mai, a mysterious seventeen year old girl lived inside a mysterious building called a 'dungeon' for who knows how long...
(((CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN)))             Her Fate (Masrur x OC) by Elegant-Nightmare
Masrur X OC A story about a young women who is a descendant of a powerful and forgotten race that mysteriously disapeared over hundreds of years ago.
Guardian Of The Four Magi's { Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic/ The Kingdom of Magic} by betti05
Guardian Of The Four Magi's { betti05
Hello there... I hope you'll like this story of the Guardian of the four Magi's The real story and characters belongs to their rightful owners and the Pictures and video...
The Unstoppable Magi by ShinTej
The Unstoppable Magiby ShinTej
A goddess, powerful, beautiful, smart, unpredictable woman. She is as powerful as Solomon but she decided to live at the human world. Finding Alladin is one of her objec...
I am the light [Magi x OC] by Simple_Pixel
I am the light [Magi x OC]by Simple_Pixel
Amory is a god knocked down from space and now cursed to stay on earth. Amory doesn't really care as long the locals don't bother them... that won't be a problem... unle...
Serenity • Magi oneshots by purinm
Serenity • Magi oneshotsby purinm
> serenity /sɪˈrɛnɪti/ noun the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. • "She was drifting amidst waves of love, and she felt nothing more then serenity...
Voltron x male oc by ZachNeko9
Voltron x male ocby 【Green Mochi】
You are masrur a 24 year old guy who is full of secrets and the worrior of voltron
Fate (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
Fate (Magi Fanfiction)by Alex Hyde
~I do not own Magi or any of the characters~ *1st place winner of MagiWA 2017 in Judar category!!* There are only supposed to be three magi per era. Three magi to guide...
Magi x Reader by NyxieGoddess
Magi x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Eeeeeey! Lili-chan came up with a second Anime x Reader book! How cool! Requests are accepted all the time in the comments or you can PM me too. What else should I say...
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-A kings child- by sashawwwro
-A kings child-by sashawwwro
Amara, a single traveler and an ex slave, finaly gets to her last destinasion, Sindria, or so she though. She wanted to move there after she traveled for almost 5 years...
Magi x Male Reader by Jkyolo265
Magi x Male Readerby OkamiH
You are normal teenage boy and you live in San Jose, and you live on you own while your older siblings are in college from far away. you're in high school. But there's...
The Eight Generals React to Ships by Baeks-Glasses
The Eight Generals React to Shipsby ☁ ✈ Planes Travels Fast ✈ ☁
The eight generals of Sindria reacts to Magi ships. Hope you'll like it. :) Sinbad may make his way into the book sometimes.
All For His Majesty (Sinbad X Reader) by lilytarius_04
All For His Majesty (Sinbad X Lily Tarius
Sinbad, the king of Sindria has been given names during his lifetime. Most of them were earned through his successes, some of them, well, they were given because of othe...
Back to You↬ Sinbad [2] by -softniche
Back to You↬ Sinbad [2]by 。・゚゚・f・゚゚・。
"I hate you." "And I love you." • Around ten years after Sinbad and Phia had confessed their feelings for each other on Reim, they are now in Balbad...
Magi One Shots REQUESTS ARE OPEN by Midnightwolfy54
Magi One Shots REQUESTS ARE OPENby Midnightwolfy54
Requests are open and it can be from Aladdin to Sinbad. There can also be male character x fem! reader, or female character x male! reader. I'd like to thank you all for...
MONARCH - Discontinued by Autumfall1667
MONARCH - Discontinuedby Autumfall1667
Sinbad x OC Ava was used to scorching heat and yelling outside her window. Hell, running from angry men with her brother is the first memory she could think of...
The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
Antares' Journey [Magi Various x Male Oc] by leeyongfa
Antares' Journey [Magi Various x leeyongfa
Uncountable meeting and parting, The mysteries hidden in Unknown world, The treasure that grant one's every wish. Antares is a guy that wandering around the world record...
Magi Characters React To Ships by MissisMuu
Magi Characters React To Shipsby Muu
Welp, you read the title. Oh. Ehm... It's the Magi Characters reaction on ships. The first one is pretty bad but the others are 'kinda' ok. The oc known as Aari will int...