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Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Sinbad No Bouken) by Raito-san14th
Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Raito-san14th
This is a story of Hana and the miracle of the world. "When I get older, I will make you my wife!", The child smiles widely. His golden eyes brim with determi...
Sinbad: High King of the Seas by ThunderbirdQueen
Sinbad: High King of the Seasby ThunderbirdQueen
{Completed} Annalise was an infant when she was stolen from her parents at the age of three she managed to escape from a man who couldn't catch her. She winds up in a vi...
Sirens Voice (Magi Fanfic) by Lonely_Tomato
Sirens Voice (Magi Fanfic)by Alejandra Lujan
In a small village in the country of the Parthevian Empire, was two young teens waiting for an adventure to arise. One was Sinbad who's dream is to create a new country...
Adventures of Sinbad and Layla by LyraUlric
Adventures of Sinbad and Laylaby Lyra Ulric
A series of one-shots concentrating on the adventures of Sinbad and Layla, featuring their daughter and all the other amazing characters. Join them as they tackle parent...
I Want You | Sinbad by LyraUlric
I Want You | Sinbadby Lyra Ulric
Sinbad's generals want him to marry but he has no desire to, wishing to live a life of sleeping around and drinking. To get them off his back, he gives them a mission to...
Mess Adventure of Ai: a magi fanfiction by Ryzracxx
Mess Adventure of Ai: a magi ESR Studio
a story of a girl from another world and a mess adventure. [arc one] the beginning (complete) [arc two] where we part ways (complete) [arc three] were the tale start(soo...
The Wolf (Sinbad x Oc) by LeviSexyErenCute
The Wolf (Sinbad x Oc)by Asuma Ackerman
A girl who appears weak, a girl who is wanted by many, a girl how's tribe has crumbled to ash, a girl that will bring it back from the dead and be the new queen, a girl...
how I found my wife by Moonlight352
how I found my wifeby Ambre nahon
When kikiriku goes missing suddenly, Sinbad and his friends are extremely worried. Because a mere one-year-old can't survive on his own. A girl that is doing everything...
warmth. | Sinbad x Reader by Yuichxro
warmth. | Sinbad x Readerby zoe ♡
After escaping the abuse she endured at the palace, Princess (Y/N) Parviz of the Armean Kingdom finds herself founding a new life for herself. Yet, one day a purple hair...
Bride of Sinbad by Ryzracxx
Bride of Sinbadby ESR Studio
MAGI: NEW ADVENTURES by Just_a_rose8
MAGI: NEW ADVENTURESby Just_a_girl<3
Asra, poor girl in a big town. Run away from her familly because of her weird one eye. Beutiful and shy, strong and smart, powerfull and kind. Asra dosent have money. Sh...
Magi: The Adventure of Hana, Begins! by Raito-san14th
Magi: The Adventure of Hana, Raito-san14th
This is a sequel to Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas. "You're not alone, Aladdin," Fulfilling King Solomon's will, Hana is in search of the Fourth Magi that...
Magi: Thief (Sinbad x OC) by darkwolf612
Magi: Thief (Sinbad x OC)by darkwolf612
Kako is a thief and decided to go to Sindria because the man that conquered 7 dungeons must have a lot of treasure right? I don't own magi or the characters or the pictu...
Magi: Blood of Torran by dutchgirl97
Magi: Blood of Torranby K.B. Schweitzer
Father, it's all gone now. You, mother, our homeland, our friends, but our people still live, and my faith is still strong. Please watch over me and guide me as you once...
Magi: Days Of The Past by ScarletSmile6
Magi: Days Of The Pastby Scarlet
Focusing on Aaliyah's life before Nadir and before Sindria. This is how Aaliyah met Sinbad and the Eight Generals. This is how Fate arranged their lives. THIS IS A PREQ...
Waves - A Plan to Change the World by Poopdedoops
Waves - A Plan to Change the Worldby Poopdedoops
It cannot be denied that Claire is a fighter. She's a solo sailor after all, exploring the farthest corners of the Earth with nothing more than her dignity, and a small...
His Difficult Princess(Magi Sinbad X Oc) by itsSkye9
His Difficult Princess(Magi it's Skye
Just read and find out,I'm to lazy rn.
Loose Strings of Fate (Adventures of Sinbad fanfic/ Magi Fanfic) by btstrashmomo
Loose Strings of Fate ( btstrashmomo
She's a young woman that's just recently been allowed certain freedoms by her captain and crew. A life of a pirate is all she's ever known. She's a mysterious little lad...
Oath Of The Queen: The Sequel by kandyarmy09
Oath Of The Queen: The Sequelby Kay The Variance
Sequel of 'The Oracle' With Elaine stepping into her role as the Queen of Sindria, things are well until it all falls apart. Sinbad has gone missing and she struggles wi...